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Answers to readers' questions about the Fixx, the Jonas Brothers and Van Morrison.


Hi Keith,

I'm a little embarrassed that my first question to you is about the Jonas Brothers. I noticed that they debuted this week at No. 40 on The Billboard Hot 100 with "Year 3000."

I remember seeing the video on MTV Hits last summer, so I'm surprised the song is just now charting. Why the sudden interest this long after the song was released? Also, how many copies have they sold of their album, "It's About Time?"

Love your column!


Mike Flaherty
San Francisco, Calif.

Hi Mike,

You weren't the only one surprised. The trio's recently announced that it signed with Hollywood Records after having departed Daylight/Columbia.

Hollywood is part of the big Walt Disney family of entertainment vehicles, and its video for "Year 3000" has been in rotation on Disney Channel for the past few weeks. Over on Radio Disney, it's huge too. Last week (for the week ending Feb. 4) it was the third most-played song on the network.

So putting all of that action together, it's no wonder that the song roared back to life and debuted at No. 40 on The Billboard Hot 100.

The group's forthcoming album, "Jonas Brothers," is slated for release in August. It's the follow-up to last year's "It's About Time," which has sold 40,000 according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Finally, Jonas Brothers' new song, "Kids of the Future," will be featured in the Walt Disney Pictures movie "Meet the Robinsons," which hits theaters on March 30.



I recently noticed that the majority of Van Morrison's albums from '70s and '80s on Warner Brothers had been deleted. Any idea why? Did ownership revert to Van, like with Elvis Costello and David Bowie's albums? Any idea if/when they will be released again? There are still a few I would like to get and I was disappointed to find them unavailable. I was able to find some sites that still had the ones I wanted in stock, but at ridiculous prices. Any information would be appreciated.

Scott Nelson
Pittsburgh, Penn.

Hi Scott,

Van Morrison retains ownership of the bulk of his catalog ¬ that's why you notice that many of his albums are out of print... for example, his 1971-1978 recordings with Warner Bros. (Note that his albums with Warner through 1970 and then from 1979-1983 are still being manufactured and sold by Warner.)

It's likely that once he gained control of his recordings in 1971, he can pick and choose where he takes his music, when it gets released and who gets to distribute it.

His latest album, "At The Movies," hit stores on Feb. 13. It's a compilation of his soundtrack hits such as "Wavelength" (used in "An Officer and a
Gentleman") or his live duet with Roger Waters on "Comfortably Numb" (from "The Departed").

The "At The Movies" set was released on the EMI Manhattan label. Perhaps it is the next stop for a chunk of Morrison's catalog? We'll have to wait and see.


Hi Keith,

The Fixx regularly tours the U.S. with success, although they are almost unknown in their homeland of England (and on the rest of the European continent).

I would like to know their U.S. (album) sales figures since Soundscan started in 1991. They haven't been on The Billboard 200 since 1991 with the album "Ink" where its peak position was No. 111. I am very curious how well the albums "Elemental" (1998) and "Want That Life" (2003) have done and also Cy Curnin's 2005 solo album "Mayfly."

John Huisman
Wormer, Holland

Hello John,

Indeed, the Fixx still tours, despite rather limited chart and sales success. In 2006 the group played 45 shows and they'll next play the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Conn. on March 31.

So far, "Elemental" has sold 9,000 in the U.S. according to Nielsen SoundScan while "Want That Life" has moved 4,000. Curnin's solo set "Mayfly" has shifted less than 1,000 units. The band's best-seller since 1991 is "Greatest Hits ¬ One Thing Leads To Another," which has moved 259,000.