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Keith answers readers' questions on "American Idol," "Chinese Democracy" and Billy Ray Cyrus.



I have a question regarding American Idol Season 6. In past years, the top 12, (or top 10 in season one), have recorded a compilation album featuring their best performances from the season. So far, I have not heard anything about an album for season six. I believe that overall, this is one of the better seasons and would really like an album from the top 12. Could you tell me if a compilation album for this season is being recorded, and if so, when will it be released?


Jamie Williams
Shaker Heights, Ohio

Hi Jamie,

No word yet on when (or if) an album commemorating the sixth season of "American Idol" is due out.

The last "Idol" set, titled "American Idol Season 5: Encores," debuted and peaked at No. 3 on The Billboard 200. It has sold 417,000 in the U.S. according to Nielsen SoundScan.



It is being reported that new Guns N' Roses album will arrive on July 10, 2007. After several delays and disappointments, can you please confirm that the new Guns N' Roses album will indeed be released on July 10, 2007?

Jason Hutton
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Hi Jason,

Guns N' Roses' "Chinese Democracy" still does not have an announced release date yet. No surprise to you, I'm sure.

The band's official Web site has reported that the act has finished recording the album. We can only presume that are working on mixing the set now.

The next leg of the group's world tour begins June 2 in Monterrey, Mexico. Currently, the act has dates lined up through July 21 in Osaka, Japan.



I have been watching "Dancing With the Stars" each week and have been enjoying Billy Ray Cyrus' performances. I would like to know how him being on the show has affected his catalog's album sales, including those of his most recent album "Wanna Be Your Joe."

Thank you,

Corey Taylor
Novi, Michigan

Hi Corey,

Sales of 2006's "Wanna Be Your Joe" have perked up a bit in recent weeks, but not by a whole lot. It is still selling less than 1,000 copies a week.

So far, in 2007, his catalog of albums has sold 14,000 copies. For all of 2006, his album sold 72,000 (41,000 was sales of that year's "Wanna Be Your Joe").