The Academy Is...

A few nights ago, our friend Alex decided he needed a hair cut so we decided that we should be in charge of it...

Today we are at Saratoga Springs! I have played at this outdoor venue once before and I have bad memories of it because it rained like crazy! It makes the people sitting on the grass contemplate leaving. But today... it's a beautiful day! Not a cloud in the sky!

Yesterday was a day off. We spent it with the Cobra Starship guys at a place called Deer Run Village in Stamford, N.Y. (I saw no running deer) but it was the perfect day for a day off. Some of the boys enjoyed the early afternoon fishing from a row boat. I, on the other hand, went walking and couldn't help to voice the differences between the "woods" and what Australians call "the bush." A major difference is that I would never walk through long grass! I have seen so many snakes in my day, some that can kill you with one swift bite. Then there are the spiders. In Australia, we have the most venomous snakes and spiders on the planet. Anyways, yesterday we saw nothing but nice weather, water, boats, and massive horse flies.

Once 3 o'clock hit, we had a pretty serious game of volleyball. The teams were...

Team 1:
Adam T. Siska- TAI bass player
James Rudder - TAI sound guy
Myself- TAI guitarist
Victoria- Cobra Starship Keytar player

Team 2:
Mike Carden-TAI other guitarist
Dan Lipski- Cobra Starship merch guy
Alex Suarez- Cobra Starship bass player
Tony Marino- TAI tour manager

The teams where surprisingly even. We played for about an hour and, I would hate to say it, but my team lost! It was a great game though. It reminded me of "Top Gun," one of my favorite movies ever. I wish we were listening to Kenny Loggins' "Playing with the Boys," but no, we were listing to a band called "Lo Fi Fnk" -- they are Scandinavian.

Once the sun went down, the barbecues where lit as was a bonfire. Ryland (Cobra Starship guitarist), William Beckett (TAI singer), Adam, Victoria and I brought out the acoustic guitars and made campfire versions of our favorite Weezer songs. There were some incredible free style songs by the Butcher (TAI drummer) as well, it was so funny!

A few nights ago, our friend Alex decided he needed a hair cut so we decided that we should be in charge of it! Once we had him in the room, we held him down and gave him the biggest mullet I have ever seen. The funny thing is once the laughing was over, someone had taken the scissors! We couldn't finish the haircut so he left for New York City with a mullet that wouldn't have even been fit for Bono in 1985!

It's good to be a touring band these days... until now most bands have had to try to write songs in the off-season of touring, usually resulting in songs that are influenced by the post-tour depression or just that feeling of "not needing to do anything today but write"!

We are big fans of writing when you can see and interact with the people we make music for. We use "Garage Band" software which comes standard with all Mac's these days. It is a recording program that is very simple to use. We demo stuff up all the time using my firewire 410 interface. So we have been demoing stuff up since the start of the tour and we are getting better at creating these days!

The tour has been going very well. We are at the point where we are friends with everyone and their crew members so that when I walk from the bus to our dressing room, I say hello about 8 times! The whole tour is like one big happy family! The latest TAI TV (our weekly videos) have a few cameo's in it from the tour so make sure you check it out! They are free on the iTunes site.

I am now off to the catering room for some dinner, then we get ready to go onstage!