The Academy Is...

Imagine this: it was about 4 p.m. and I was going through a guitar DVD (I like to polish up on my guitar skills while on tour) when Tony says, "You can do that all night!! Show is canceled!!"

We are in Charlotte today. It's 6 p.m. and I'm sitting in the dressing room. I just handed my acoustic guitar to William who is throwing a few melody ideas around for a new song. The dressing room is full of people, especially for this time of day. The dressing room members are: Myself, Tony (tour manager), Jack (the camera guy), The Butcher (who is playing cards), Mike Carden and Josh (the tech guy).

Last night we played in Indianapolis, which was a rain check on a show that was meant for last Friday. Imagine this: it was about 4 p.m. and I was going through a guitar DVD (I like to polish up on my guitar skills while on tour) when Tony says, "You can do that all night!! Show is canceled!!" It was such a strange feeling because without a show at night, life feels a little pointless unless it's a day off -- in which case it's usually an action packed night!! Not Friday though; it was the most boring night of my life!! We watched "Apocalypto" and waited for our bus driver to get back from his hotel.

After getting in trouble by the venue staff, who were being extremely rude, we made tracks and headed for the next city! You can check out the day on our weekly TAI TV at our Web site. The reason the show was cancelled was three out of four Fall Out Boys were stuck on a plane in New York trying to get back for the show!! The radar was down apparently.

The tour headed to Chicago, which is our hometown (except me -- I'm from Australia). Home sweet home!! We played at a nice venue that overlooked the ocean. The city is beautiful! We stayed right next to the museum and for three days and every morning I had the good intention to check it out but never got around to it. I met everyone's parents, including Jack the camera guy's mum.

We just came off stage here in Charlotte to what seemed like a great show. It's strange because the crowd reaction was not as good as usual, but when Adam T. Siska, William and I went out for the signing, it was crazy and raining so our sharpies didn't work! But the line was crazy! We were all very surprised!! I'm now sitting on the front lounge of the bus with Adam T. Siska, Mike Carden and James (the sound guy). We are listening to a band called Pinback. It's good music to listen to after playing a loud rock show! Mike is trying to persuade the group to watch the "New Order Story," which is a pretty good documentary on the '80s and early-'90s.

Chris, the merch guy's uncle, owns a pizza place here in Charlotte, so we have enough pizza to feed a small army!! Jack just walked in, trying to organize this weeks TAI TV. We have been on a roll with that for the past month or so, so the bar has been raised a little. Also, the fact that it is available for free download on iTunes podcast, we feel the competitiveness when we see other artists' podcast. Though personally, I think that Jack does the best job! Even with artists like Bjork, Bloc Party and Nine Inch Nails, I feel ours holds up!

We have about three weeks left of tour now, so it's kind of all downhill from now. We are in a very good flow. We are very consistent every night. Every night is pretty solid! We have also been throwing around a lot of ideas for the headline tour in the fall... it is very exciting. We are talking about things like stage setups and lighting and it will be nice to get to smaller venues! It's fun playing to 10,000-15,000 people a night, but there is something about a large club or venue of about 2,000 people and being able to see the faces of the front row again!! The dates haven't been announced yet, but they will soon. Check out our MySpace for more details and also if you want to see any photos from the night, check out

I'm about to get into some pizza so, until next week, take care.