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Caribou Conjures Major Melodies On Merge Debut

After a stint with Domino, Caribou has inked with Merge for the Aug. 21 release of "Andorra."

After a stint with Domino, Caribou has inked with Merge for the Aug. 21 release of "Andorra." Principal member Dan Snaith tells the nine songs were culled from roughly 600 that he had written over a year's time. Also featured is a vocal contribution from Junior Boys member Jeremy Greenspan.

"In the past, my music has been about the production and sonic ideas... to fill every space up with a sound that excited me," Snaith says. "But this time it was about filling every space with as many melodies and harmonies as possible."

Much of the inspiration for the record came from a visit Snaith took to the small country of Andorra, nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains. "I expected this beautiful, forgotten, romantic place, and the landscape is certainly beautiful, but it's more like a huge duty free store than anything else!" Snaith exclaims. "These songs are the soundtrack to the idealized place 'Andorra' in my head."

Snaith is often lumped into the electronica genre, something that he sees is a bit of a misnomer. "I played all the parts live and essentially just used the computer to multitrack them the way you would do in a traditional recording studio," he explains.

"I kind of think of the way I'm recording more in terms of someone like Shuggie Otis or something; one person working away building up tracks by playing and recording the parts that are sitting inside my head."

Snaith plans to take bring Caribou to the U.S. this October and November, with the promise of the show being "as face-melting as possible."