Chamillionaire Sees Finish Line For 'Victory'

Chamillionaire wants to take his fans to the aural movies on his forthcoming sophomore album, "Ultimate Victory."

Chamillionaire wants to take his fans to the aural movies on his forthcoming sophomore album, "Ultimate Victory."

"I was trying to make the whole album be like a motion picture from beginning to end," the Houston rapper says of the oft-delayed set, which drops Sept. 18 and is the follow-up to his multi-platinum 2005 debut "The Sound of Revenge."

"I'm just tired of the norm. It's easy for me to just do what everybody else is doing and make a song about dancing and girls and stuff like that, but I was like, 'Lemme just try to think of some concepts, make it like a movie,'" he says. "So every song, even if it's a club song, it's got a concept to it. That kept me interested, y'know?"

The first of Chamillionaire's "films" from "Ultimate Victory" is already out. "Hip Hop Police," the album's first single, was produced by JR Rotem and features Slick Rick. "I always try to find people everybody else is not working with," Chamillionaire explains. The song's video, which is being directed by Marc Klasfeld, will flesh out the track's narrative.

"In the song," Chamillionaire says, "we get arrested and the police [are] trying to pin a crime on me and him. At the end of the song they basically tell me that they'll give me a lighter sentence if I pin the crime on my homey, and then he comes in and defends himself."

"Ultimate Victory" also features guest shots from Krayzie Bone, Lil Wayne, Pimp C, Lloyd, Famous and Devin the Dude, with production from Happy P, the Runners, Play-N-Skillz, the Beat Bullies, Kane Beatz, David Banner and others.

Chamillionaire -- who's also featured on a remix of the Shop Boyz hit "Party Like a Rock Star" -- will precede the album with the July 18 drop of "Mixtape Messiah 3" and "Mixtape Messiah DVD," which will both be available for free at his web site. The latter features an hour's worth of interviews, live material and backstage and studio footage.

"Nowadays you've got to stay visual; you disappear for a little bit and people start to forget about you," Chamillionaire says of the freebies. "So I'll put this online for free just to remind fans so they'll support my album. They appreciate me doing stuff like this. Most people would try to sell it and make a dollar off it, but I'm gonna give it to them."