Wilco Rediscovering Vintage Tracks On Tour

Wilco's newest band lineup has meant good things for the group's oldest fans.

Wilco's newest band lineup has meant good things for the group's oldest fans.

Frontman Jeff Tweedy tells Billboard.com that since Wilco started touring to promote its latest album, "Sky Blue Sky," "this lineup of the band has been kind of laying claim to more of the catalog, actually going backwards and learning more of each previous album. That's been fun."

Tweedy says the group most recently started playing "Too Far Apart" from Wilco's inaugural album, "A.M.," in 1995. "It ends up feeling like a new song for us," he notes.

The ability to dig deeper into the Wilco repertoire, Tweedy says, is a mark of how solid the current lineup feels since adding guitarist Nels Cline and keyboardist Pat Sansone after 2004's "A Ghost is Born." Prior to this point, Tweedy explains, "we've never really had time to dig too deep into the past. Each lineup of the band has only lasted for an album cycle or, at most, an album cycle and a half. It's inevitable with the amount of time we've been able to spend together [that] we have more time to go back to older material."

Tweedy says Wilco will continue to do that into the new year. While its current spate of touring will wrap up around Thanksgiving, Tweedy expects to play in Japan and Australia in early 2008 and "will definitely be back in the U.S. next summer." A spring run of colleges and "places we've never played" is also on the docket.

And while Brendan Conty, who directed the documentary that comes in the deluxe edition of "Sky Blue Sky," has mentioned doing a tour film with Wilco, Tweedy says those plans are up in the air. "I hesitate to say anything. Things in that realm change for us," he offers.

He feels the same way about the next Wilco album. There is "a lot of material kicking around in my head, and stuff that gets played around in the backstage area quite a bit," Tweedy says. But there are no firm plans yet. "Every time I go out and say something about what the next record is gonna be like, it ends up confusing people -- so I'm not saying anything," he says with a laugh.