Latin Music Week

Previewing The Week's Top New Releases

Britney Spears unveils a new studio album in the midst of her embattled personal life, the Backstreet Boys return minus one of their founding members, the Eagles deliver their first new album in nearl

The soundtrack to the Bob Dylan-focused film "I'm Not There" (Columbia), featuring Dylan covers by Sonic Youth, Eddie Vedder, Stephen Malkmus, Willie Nelson and Jeff Tweedy, among many others.

Country up-and-comer Josh Turner's "Everything Is Fine" (MCA Nashville).

Latino rapper Baby Bash's "Cyclone" (Arista).

Expanded reissues of the Joy Division albums "Unknown Pleasures," "Closer" and "Still," plus the soundtrack to the Ian Curtis biopic "Control" (Rhino).

Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan's debut from his side project Puscifer, "V is for Vagina" (Puscifer).

Teenage hip-hop outfit the Pack's "Based Boys" (Jive).

Television guitarist Richard Lloyd's "The Radiant Monkey" (Parasol).

R&B veteran Will Downing's "After Tonight" (Concord).