Black Eyed Peas

Nigeria, which was next, was kinda scary at first. But after we got into it, it was like a little family get together.

What's up ya'll? We are here on the end of the Eyed Peas' tour. I'm on a private airplane in Malaysia, going to Macau, China.

We started off in Jerusalem. That was a beautiful concert. It was right on the wall that separates Palestine from Israel.

Straight from there we flew to Ethiopia. I can't even explain it. We landed in a third world country. They were partying like 1999. Being around the beautiful Ethiopians, even though it was real poor, the concert and the experience there was the richest out of all the shows so far.

We went to Sweden next, which was awesome. It was the first Pepsi show. In Romania, the women were beautiful. I had a good time in Hungary. We went to a castle that they converted into a museum for the after-party.

I thought Poland was gonna be a lot hotter, but Fergie got sick. From there we went directly to Moscow, and talk about hot girls.

Kazakhstan was dope. You know, the whole Borat thing? Kazakhstan is like a mixture between Mongolia, Russia and China. We had a power problem, but we managed to sniff through it and the show was good after we got it going. We came out in this Kazakhstan-like wardrobe. The crowd really loved that.

From there we hopped on an flight to the U.S., because I was doing press. But apparently there was a hole in the gas tank. So what was supposed to be a nine hour flight, ended up being a 30 hours. We had to hop on a private plane and fly from Kazakhstan to Siberia, Siberia to Alaska, Alaska to L.A., L.A. to New York. And then we did Letterman and Tyra Banks. From there we went to L.A., and then we did Ellen DeGeneres.

I had my album release party, and we went to Mexico to start the South American leg. Because we didn't have a private plane, we had to fly commercial. That was the bumpiest flight of them all. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala.

Guatemala was fresh. El Salvador was... we f***ed up. But, you know... whatever. You have good shows, you have bad shows. That was the worst show ever in the history of me performing. Black Eyed Peas, it was like we weren't really there. We weren't one. We were disorientated.

Nicaragua was was a beautiful show, though. And Venezuela was fresh as always. From Venezuela we went to South Africa. We went to a township to orphanages for the kids in Soweto and hung out with them. The show in South Africa. That was beautiful.

Nigeria, which was next, was kinda scary at first. But after we got into it, it was like a little family get together.

When Black Eyed Peas get to a city, we go to a party and then the next day we have a show. But that's not what we did in India because apparently the clubs close at 11:30. So there was no clubbing for the Black Eyed Peas in India. So we went straight to sleep, woke up, did the show, but we had a party in our hotel room.

Bangkok was THE bomb! W e partied 'til, like, six in the morning. Bangkok is always fun to go to. It's like the America of Asia in a way. The London of Asia.

I didn't think Indonesia was gonna be that fun, but surprisingly, I had a good time in Indonesia. A lot of people showed up for the show. Last time I was in Indonesia was for Bandi Achi, right after the Tsunami in 2005, on my birthday on March 15th. So being there and seeing the city functional and the beautiful people, that was fresh.

Here we are on a private plane, just leaving the show in Malaysia. We stayed in a resort that was like a Disneyland on the top of this mountain. The clouds never dissipated, so we stayed in this hotel for four days. We got massages, spas, facials and whatnot. And then we did the show. That was pretty dope. It was a city all indoors, like for miles and miles and miles.

Now we are on our way to Macau, which is like Vegas of China on this little island. And from there, we are going to Australia where we are ending the tour there.