Success Keeping Killswitch Engage Out Of Studio

The price of success for Killswitch Engage is putting the future on hold -- for a bit.

The price of success for Killswitch Engage is putting the future on hold -- for a bit.

"We are considering starting an album at the end of next year at this point," bassist Mike D'Antonio tells "We're not gonna stop touring on this record ('As Daylight Dies') until at least the end of April, and I know we're probably going to do a run of all the festivals in Europe in June and July. After that, I believe then we're gonna start talking about writing a new record."

The Massachusetts headbangers have reason to wait, of course. "As Daylight Dies" has sold more than 300,000 copies and is still moving, thanks to the group's cover of Dio's "Holy Diver" that graces the special expanded edition of the album and is currently No. 16 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart.

On top of that, Killswitch's 2004 release "The End of Heartache" was recently certified gold. "We've always been one of those bands that's just slow and steady selling, not one of those pop artists that sell a million off the bat," D'Antonio notes. "We just chug along, the little band that could. Our accountant came to us and was like, 'You guys really need to think about getting houses or you're gonna get screwed on taxes pretty bad.' I guess that shows the band's working out."

Currently on tour with Lamb Of God, Killswitch will be working hard in the new year. The group is planning a North American headlining jaunt in early 2008 and will be part of the five-date Soundwave Festival tour in Australia during February and March. Some Japanese dates are expected to follow.

But even then, D'Antonio says, the next album will be top of mind for he and his five bandmates. "I've written some stuff," he says. "Joel (Stroetzel) has written a little bit. We all sort of write in our own respective areas. I bring them to practice as two- or three-riff demos with drums on top of them so people can get a handle on what we're trying to do. Adam (Dutkiewicz) mostly brings whole songs; he has a gift for being able to write things really fast. We haven't practiced anything yet, though. That'll come later."