Beastie Boys / March 5, 2008 / New York (Terminal 5)

The Beastie Boys took over New York's Terminal 5 last night (March 4) for a good cause.

The Beastie Boys took over New York's Terminal 5 last night (March 4) for a good cause. With proceeds going to the Institute For Music and Neurologic Function and Music Has Power, the sold-out event was hosted by Moby and the Beasties, in conjunction with MTV and VH1. (To read more news on the Beastie Boys, click here.)

Opener DJ D-Nice spun a variety of hip-hop hits as the crowd steadily streamed in. Moby opened with a few words about the IMNF before welcoming Jeremy Delliotte, a patient whose hands were amputated after 2001 fire. He sang "I Can See Clearly Now" with Moby on guitar and his physical therapist on the keys, and the trio received thunderous applause.

The Beastie Boys bounded onstage to the beats of Mixmaster Mike and started their set with "Root Down" from 1994's "Ill Communication." Though in their 40s, they performed with an energy that could rival a pack of caffeinated teenagers, perfectly synchronizing dance moves and lyrics.

Only a few minutes into the set, the music stopped due to a technical difficulty. Mike D jokingly announced that he wasn't surprised about the malfunction -- after all, they "came a long way, from downtown to midtown."

With the problem fixed, Mike D took to the drums, Ad Rock to his guitar and Adam Yauch to the bass. The set moved between funky and psychedelic instrumentals from 2007's "The Mix-Up," and included hits like "Remote Control" and "Body Movin'." Their performance was a feat of stamina, as the Boys ran from their instruments to the mics while a band supported them and then back to their respective instruments during interludes. Mixmaster Mike added an updated twist to some tracks by integrating a little 50 Cent.

As the Beastie Boys played "Sureshot," fans lovingly rapped along, bodies movin' excitedly. There was even a mosh pit for a short while, as well as a few failed attempts to crowd surf. "I've liked the Beastie Boys since I was 13, they've sort of evolved as we've grown up," said Beastie Boys fan Rick Gawenda, who traveled all the way from Chicago with three pals just to see the show.

They closed with "Sabotage," driving the crowd into a frenzy. The concert's success was just further evidence of their saying power. Time has not diminished the group's talent or onstage chemistry. Those who attended not only supported a cause, but also got to see a fairly rare and very solid performance.