Snoop Dogg / March 13, 2008 / New York (Steiner Studios)

Backed by a 14-piece band and two DJs, rapper Snoop Dogg filmed a performance for VH1's "Storytellers" last night (March 13).

Backed by a 14-piece band and two DJs, rapper Snoop Dogg filmed a performance for VH1's "Storytellers" last night (March 13). Among the musicians were Soopafly, Battlecat, DJ Quik, Teddy Riley and Terrance Martin. The last three, along with Snoop Dogg, form the production group QDT (Quik, Dogg and Teddy), which crafted the bulk of Snoop's latest album, "Ego Trippin'."

Sporting a varsity jacket, two braids and a rhinestone-encrusted microphone, the MC ironically opened the set by saying, "I ain’t got no story for this song," before breaking into "Whateva U Do." The track was followed by the autobiographical "Neva Have 2 Worry," assisted by Martin on the saxophone.

Snoop then shared a comment that his kids said he made songs for "old people," which prompted him to make a song for the youth, resulting in "Life Of Da Party." Bay Area rappers Mistah Fab and Too Short joined him on stage for the performance.

Immediately after that, this time with rapper/producer Daz and fellow Dogg Pound member Kurupt on stage, Snoop broke into one of his first songs, the Dr. Dre-produced "Nuthin' But A G Thang." "Gin & Juice" followed, with the Dogg Pound acting as back-up singers. Meanwhile, Doug. E. Fresh made a cameo for "Lodi Dodi," but not before Snoop ran through the comical ode to Johnny Cash, "My Medicine."

"I've had all this success and only one of my songs went no. 1," Snoop told his audience prior to the playing "Drop It Like It's Hot." "I hollered at my nephew. He rolled up on his skateboard, told me to hold this ice cream and then he gave me this track." Although said nephew, The Neptunes' producer Pharrell Williams, didn’t show, the crowd happily sang along to the song.

The concert formally ended with the piano-driven "Goodbye," featuring Charlie Wilson, and a ten-minute-long encore of "Cool," which Snoop said probably wouldn't air because Morris Day, the song's original owner, didn't give clearance.

"VH1 Storytellers" is a show that features artists performing their hits and new music alike while sharing the stories behind the songs. Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige and Erykah Badu have also performed on the show.

Snoop's "VH1 Storytellers" episode will air in the next few weeks.