Colour Revolt

The Breeders make fun of our shoes.

Have you ever experienced a Mississippi summer? The air so thick... if you have to go outside, it'd better be because there's a pool or a beer. You crave a Miller High Life because you know it's the coldest thing you can get your hand on.

Well, our air condition in our van is broken. And due to certain laws, High Life is not an option.

I stopped a fight at Emo's in Austin. This girl was totally not having anything this dude was saying and with one good swing, my slightly drunk self felt the need to bring peace and love to the community. It ended with me not realizing how to settle such an argument.

This worked one time when we were in Chapel Hill at the Annuals crib. This naked dude had just gone down the Slip-N-Slide and the girl was gonna beat some ass for some reason. "Peace and love" I declared. World saved. I celebrated by a couple of good jumps in the Space Jump.

Back to Austin. Ended up down Red River at some karaoke bar post show where we got to spend good quality time with our new friends Jose, Mondo and Cheryl. It was a Mississippi dance party that kept that place alive, as well as Jesse making sure that everyone got a fair chance to sing their songs to the end.

The Breeders make fun of our shoes. I mostly think Kim is jealous because we have badass PF Flyers and she has some silly plaid house shoes. This has been an ongoing thing since the beginning of the tour. The shoes are what really brings us together or maybe its Jimmy's windowsill antics.

After our show in Houston, we went and saw our friends the Whigs play down the street. Those three guys are awesome. I fear Parker is going to rip a hole in his Jeans from his stage trot. It really is great to see friends on tour while on tour though. Gives out a weird feeling of home. Whatever, I think those guys are going to do great things.

On our way to Lawrence, Kan., currently. Meeting up with our favorite booking agent in the world. He's gonna kick it in our van for the last two Breeders shows. Our merch guy Petey Pab left us today, as he is he going to see Radiohead. His loyalty totally sucks.