Update: Brian Eno Not On David Byrne Tour

Updating a story posted yesterday (July 16), Brian Eno will not appear with David Byrne on the latter's fall tour.

Updating a story posted yesterday (July 16), Brian Eno will not appear with David Byrne on the latter's fall tour.

Although one of the three announced shows still touts Eno's participation with the billing "The Songs of Talking Heads' David Byrne and Roxy Music founder Brian Eno," Byrne's publicist confirms Eno is not involved in the outing.

The full dates have yet to be announced, but Byrne will play Sept. 20 in Atlanta, Sept. 26 at the Austin City Limits festival and Oct. 4 in Santa Barbara, Calif. The Atlanta show is at the 6,000-capacity Chastain Park, a large venue for Byrne, who has played mostly clubs in recent years.

In Atlanta, tickets top out at $48.50, while in Santa Barbara, the most expensive seats are $65.

Byrne and Eno recently finished mixing a new studio album, expected late this year, which Byrne plans to self-release. Among the contributors are drummer Seb Rochford and multi-instrumentalist Leo Abrahams, a longtime Eno collaborator.

A comprehensive online strategy will augment the effort, which will be the pair's first project together since 1981's "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts." That album was reissued in expanded form by Nonesuch in 2006.

On his blog, Abrahams has disseminated some tantalizing snippets of information about the upcoming set, which Byrne and Eno largely worked on in separate studios.

"David is incredibly fast delivering his vocal takes (which he's been emailing from New York), and it's a real pleasure to go sifting through them," Abrahams writes. "He's such an eccentric singer and the gaps between verses are often filled with joyful little 'whoop's and interjections, and sometimes the unmistakable honks of a New York taxi, which magically always seem to end just in time for when the singing starts."

Abrahams and Byrne also "got to have a guitar jam together on one of the tracks, and the same day I helped Brian layer up his trademark choir of manly vocals," he says. "It's always lovely witnessing him do that, and especially so underneath David's voice -- the two together is such a familiar, classic combination."