Mason Jennings, Oct. 25, Minnesota

How often is Chicago in the identical same part of the Universe?

My aunt has a good point: If you are planning on time traveling and are expecting to end up in the same spot, you are in for the shock of your life. With the earth spinning and orbiting, you will end up a plum ripe in Outer Space - unless you plan it like a genius. (Which you probably would if you can time travel.) I wonder how often the same spot on earth is in the same exact spot of the cosmos? Like how often is Chicago in the identical same part of the Universe? Is it ever even close?

It is snowing today in Minnesota and I love it. I love it here.

I just read (and loved) Steve Martin's book "Born Standing Up." Once, when he was on the "Tonight Show" he began:"A lot of dogs watch TV but there's really nothing on for them, so call your dog over and let him watch because I think you're going to see him crack up for the first time."

Just got Billy Collins' new book of poems called "Ballistics." If you haven't heard of him before, or if you have and care to click on this link, here is a fun link of him reading a good one.

Been loving the poems of Mary Oliver so much these Autumn days as well. She is so wonderful.

Soon, I will be heading West. Looking forward to seeing you all out there!