Jon Stewart's 10 Best Music Moments from 'The Daily Show'

Jon Stewart
Rick Kern/Getty Images

Jon Stewart

Since Thursday, Aug. 6, is Jon Stewart's last Daily Show, we look back on the host's culture-shaping career with fondness. From battling Mike Huckabee over his criticism of Beyoncé, to hosting all of the Wu-Tang Clan and defending Dave Grohl's worth versus a plate of food, these are the two-time Grammy-winning and two-time Grammy-hosting Stewart's 10 best music moments from The Daily Show

Watch, enjoy and pay particular attention to how often Stewart tells his guests, "You just go where they tell you to go, don't you?" 

  1. 11

    Jon Stewart & Paul McCartney Talk Video Games

  2. 10

    Jay-Z Talks Identity, Growing Up Around Rap Music

  3. 9

    Jon Stewart Digs Up Adam Levine's Old High School Photos

  4. 8

    Jon Stewart, Thom Yorke & Flea Talk Email Habits, Atoms for Peace Origin

  5. 7

    All Nine Wu-Tang Clan Members Give 'Daily Show' Interview & Performance

  6. 6

    Jon Stewart Defends Dave Grohl's Worth

  7. 5

    Common & Jon Stewart Laugh Off White House Controversy

  8. 4

    Justin Timberlake Reveals His Backup Plan: Boots

  9. 3

    Jon Stewart Argues With Mike Huckabee About Beyonce

  10. 2

    Snoop Dogg Blames His Productivity 'on the Weed'