Lauren Bacall Dies: Her Top 5 Pop Song References

Lauren Becall dead at 89

Lauren Bacall

With Lauren Bacall's death Tuesday, she leaves behind a pop culture legacy spanning film and the stage, and even into pop music, with an influence marked in numerous hit song lyrics. From Madonna to Bon Jovi to The Clash, here are music's top five Bacall references. 

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    "Just Like Lauren Bacall (Margo)" by Kevin Roth

    Folk singer Kevin Roth delivers an ode to a Bacall-like love, highlighting the actress' beauty and finest moments on film.
  2. 5

    "Key Largo" by Bertie Higgins

    Bertie Higgins may have been a 1980s one hit wonder but he did service to Bacall and her Key Largo co-star and real life romance Humphrey Bogart, referencing the couple in the hook, "We had it all / Just like Bogie and Bacall / Starring in our own late late show / Sailing away to Key Largo." 
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    "Freeze Tag" by Suzanne Vega

    On the second song of Suzanne Vega’s self-titled 1985 debut, the singer-songwriter weaves through playground metaphors, singing, "You stand with your hand in your pocket and lean against the wall / You will be Bogart and I will be Bacall."
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    "Car Jamming" by The Clash

    The Clash frontman Joe Strummer leads listeners through his stream of conscious lyrics on "Car Jamming" from 1982's Combat Rock, halucinating seeing Bacall in a car jam. "Yeah, I don't believe it," he mutters. 
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    "Vogue" by Madonna

    Bacall had the honor of not just being mentioned in Madonna's classic "Vogue" but also being the last living person included in list of icons named in the track's rap section.