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Top 20 'Happy' Songs of All Time

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Pharrell, Avril Lavigne, Bobby McFerrin

It’s been a good while since pure joy has won as big as it did today on the Hot 100, with Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” finally landing atop the chart. As noted earlier, Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is the last song with the word “Happy” in its title to bow at the apex of the Hot 100.

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That fun fact demands that the other “Happy” and “Happiness”-incorporated jams reveal themselves for proper re-acknowledgment. A good bit of them are from yesteryear. Apparently, the world was a more cheery place in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Give them a looksee below—from Pharrell to Sheryl Crow, R.E.M. to Al Green and some acts your parents may have boogied to, here are the top 20 "Happy" songs ever. And don't let that word fool you; there are a few singles on here that aren't as peachy as their title suggests.


The ranking is based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100 chart. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at No. 100 earning the least. To ensure equitable representation of the biggest hits from each era, certain time frames were weighted to account for the difference between turnover rates from those years.

  1. 0

    “Happy Together,” The Turtles

    Released: 2/11/1967Peak Position: No. 1 (3 weeks)
  2. 1

    “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” from “Cocktail,” Bobby McFerrin

    Released: 7/30/1988Peak Position: No. 1 (2 weeks)
  3. 2

    “The Happy Organ,” Dave 'Baby' Cortez

    Released: 3/21/1959Peak Position: No. 1
  4. 3

    “My Happiness,” Connie Francis

    Released: 12/13/1958Peak Position: No. 2
  5. 4

    “If You Wanna Be Happy,” Jimmy Soul

    Released: 3/30/1963Peak Position: No. 1 (2 weeks)
  6. 5

    “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy,” Blood, Sweat & Tears

    Released: 3/1/1969Peak Position: No. 2
  7. 6

    “Love Can Make You Happy,” Mercy

    Released: 4/12/1969Peak Position: No. 2
  8. 7

    “Happy Days,” Pratt & McClain with Brother Love

    Released: 4/3/1976Peak Position: No. 5
  9. 8

    “Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen,” Neil Sedaka

    Released: 11/18/1961Peak Position: No. 6
  10. 9

    “Sha-La-La (Make Me Happy),” Al Green

    Released: 9/28/1974Peak Position: No. 7
  11. 10

    "Hotel Happiness," Brook Benton

    Released: 11/24/1962Peak Position: No. 3
  12. 11

    "Oh Happy Day," The Edwin Hawkins' Singers

    Released: 4/26/1969Peak Position: No. 4
  13. 12

    "Happy," Ashanti

    Released: 6/1/02Peak Position: No. 8
  14. 13

    "If It Makes You Happy," Sheryl Crow

    Released: 9/21/96Peak Position: No. 10
  15. 14

    "Shiny Happy People," R.E.M.

    Released: 7/27/91Peak Position: No. 10
  16. 15

    "My Happy Ending," Avril Lavigne

    Released: 7/31/04Peak Position: No. 9
  17. 16

    "Happy," Pharrell

    Released: 1/18/14Peak Position: No. 1 (still charting)
  18. 17

    "Happy-Go-Lucky-Me," Paul Evans

    Released: 5/7/60Peak Position: No. 10
  19. 18

    "The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A.," Donna Fargo

    Released: 5/27/72Peak Position: No. 11
  20. 19

    "Oh How Happy," Shades Of Blue

    Released: 5/7/66Peak Position: No. 12