Alexa Chung's 5 Best Dressed Musicians Ever


Patti Smith, Alexa Chung, Bianca Jagger

“If I see one more pop singer in a leotard I’m going to end it,” Alexa Chung declares to The Hook. And we completely agree with the style maverick. What happen to the days when musicians like Kurt Cobain and Patti Smith inspired bold street style movements and it took more to become a fashion icon then wearing a glittering unitard?

If there’s anyone who should be commenting on what artists wear, it’s Alexa. Sorry, Joan Rivers. This girl has inspired Mulberry's fab Alexa bag, wears Chanel like its nothing, co-hosts Fuse News and also just wrote a fanciful book on style simply called, “It.” In her book, Alexa lists her style influences from famed musicians to her grandfather. She even has an entire section dedicated to groupies whose brilliant style inspired some of fashion’s rawest trends.

Alexa is the kind of girl who can step out drenched in classic Louis Vutton or contemporary Carven and still make it a humble affair. She knows fashion. I caught up with the candid “It” girl to get her picks for the best-dressed artists of all time. Break out your ipad and get ready to take some serious style notes!

 “It” dropped on October 29 and can be found on

  1. 1

    The Ronettes

    “I’m a huge fan of ‘60s music and I love that they pioneered the Cleopatra eyeliner look. I love that they all wore matching outfits and were sassy. I think at the time it was quite risqué to wear a mini dress and be shaking your hips around.  They were cool. Also that beehive hair was just excellent. “

  2. 2

    Kim Gordon

    “She’s amazing. Her whole attitude was brilliant. I like that she wasn’t a teenager when she started in Sonic Youth. She was part of the feminist rock movement. Style wise I think she looked great in anything she wore with a guitar and messy hair. One of her most iconic looks was that little white strappy dress. She killed it.” 

  3. 3

    Bianca Jagger

    “I know that Bianca Jagger isn’t a musician in her own right. But I’m just going to chuck her into this pile because of her time spent with Mick Jagger, who was the ultimate musician, so, in turn, she kind of can bask in all that effective glory. I like that she used to wear her triple ruffle pants tucked into her ankle boots. I love that she completely nailed airport fashion. No one ever looked so chic flying on a private jet. She never had to worry about wearing a snuggly onsie like they do in 2013. She was just wearing cream-colored flared pantsuits. Always glamorous, even in the most un-glamorous locations.”

  4. 4

    Patti Smith

    “Patti Smith is a huge icon of mine. I really like her hair in particular and I often try to copy that. I love that she was around at the birth of punk and how she just wore clothes the way they fell onto her body. Now that’s such an imitated look people try to deliberately look scruffy. Me included, I’m guilty of that. But for her it was realistic, she was living in a dodgy hotel and just chucking on a t-shirt. There’s a great black and white image of her in a white t-shirt and jeans where she looks beautiful. I love her tomboy aesthetic. Even now, in her old age, she still rocks flats and wears things that are quite brave with long grey hair.”

  5. 5

    Kurt Cobain

    “When he did that Nirvana ‘MTV Unplugged’ session in that brown cardigan, it was kind of just the best. That face is perfect anyway, and his style was really great. As you can see, every musician I pick really has that same aesthetic: jeans that have been on for like seven years and a skanky t-shirt. I love that look.” 


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