Cartoon Crossovers: 23 Hot Pop Toons

In the new "Ice Age: Continental Drift," Nicki Minaj joins the hilarious cast as Steffie, a young, girly woolly mammoth. Her quirky character is in theaters now.

Music stars are busy enough with touring, promo and studio sessions, so unless they want to pull a full-on Justin Timberlake, making time for the silver screen is tough. Voice-over work, however, is a bit less time-consuming. And what better way for busy musicians to flex their theatrical chops than as animated characters they strangely resemble?

Whether it's the slew of musicians -- Nicki Minaj, Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Heather Morris and Ester Dean -- joining the cast of "Ice Age" for the sequel that hits theatres this weekend (July 13) or Billy Joel as Dodger the street-savvy pooch in "Oliver & Company," animated roles give celebs a chance to show us a completely different side of them -- even if that side is a rapping lizard named Lou in "Ferngully" (we're talking to you, Tone-Loc). In celebration of all the musicians (virtually) stepping onto the silver screen this weekend for "Ice Age: Continental Drift," we've compiled a photo gallery of voice-recorded roles performed by some of music's biggest acts.

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