Top 10 Dirtiest Rappers

Top 10 Dirtiest Rappers

Top 10 Dirtiest Rappers

The 10 hip-hop stars with the filthiest lyrics, from Lil Wayne to Akinyele to Plies, all for your nasty listening pleasure.

If you're a rapper whose first name is not "Will" and whose last name is not "Smith," you probably utilize profanity, some sexual innuendo, and maybe, even, a drug reference or two, in your respective craft. Yet it takes years and a special kind of taboo-breaking spirit to be viewed as one of the filthiest lyricists in the game. For these 10 MCs, romance is an afterthought in their dozens of verses: instead, graphic descriptions of sexual acts are front and center, and no kind of nastiness is too nasty. We at recognize Lil Wayne for his obsession with female genitalia; Lil Kim for repping the ladies who don't give a damn about love; and Danny Brown and Odd Future for bringing hip-hop filth into the 2010s.

Check out's list of the Top 10 Filthiest Rappers, including the standout lines from their most gleefully disgusting songs. Warning: explicit content ahead. Consider this your parental advisory.


The irrepressible hip-hop cult, and particularly its leader Tyler, The Creator, have drawn fire for pairing sexually explicit lyrics with violent images that often encourage abuse toward women, and the rappers have cried for artistic license in return. Whatever your view on the political implications of their lyrics, it's hard to deny the amount of depravity peppered into most songs from the OFWGKTA boys. From rape fantasies to scatological humor, Odd Future's collective lyrics have pushed the bar just a bit further -- and it's made them underground heroes.

DIRTIEST LYRIC: "Spit on a bitch, punch on a bitch/After I eat some steak, have her tug on my dick" - "We Got Bitches"


A brilliant lyricist with a knack for raising eyebrows, Killa Cam -- especially in his early 00s heyday -- could throw down with the grossest rappers. The Dipset leader can adroitly wax poetic about digestive problems ("I.B.S.") as well as comical violence ("Play razor tag, slice ya face, you're it!" from "Down and Out"), but his real skill lies in describing unforgiving sex acts in a way that's oddly humorless. Even when describing ecstasy, Cam is the ultimate tough guy.

DIRTIEST LYRIC: "Whips on my fists, houses on my wrists/Your budget on my neck, your spouse on my dick/Posters on the wall, posted on my balls/Dick in her mouth, I tell her (I'm getting money nigga)" - "Get 'Em Girls"


The Miami rapper has never shied away from showing his appreciation toward female anatomy - specifically from the waist down. Don't be fooled with the occasional love song Plies raps on -- for each one of those, he has five more nasty tracks up his sleeve.

DIRTIEST LYRIC: "Or I can rub on your clit and just play with your neck/ And let me slide my finger in that pussy just to check/ Ain't bout who spending the most money, it's 'bout who fuck the best/ I'm a high bitch who a freak baby when it comes to sex" - "Ms. Pretty Pussy"


Sure, Danny Brown has yet to release a proper full-length album, but the gonzo Detroit rapper has established himself as a no-holds-barred lyricist specializing in damaged fantasies. His acclaimed "XXX" mixtape from last year particularly amplifies his misogynistic musings, spliced in with unhinged weed raps that are presented in Brown's helium voice. The leader of the Bruiser Brigade could be making filthy music for years.

DIRTIEST LYRIC: "I smoke blunts to the face to stay motivated/Irritated when I'm not sedated/Fuck her face like I was obligated/And still fucking with them freak hoes/Stank pussy smelling like Cool Ranch Doritos" - "Monopoly"


Eazy-E, along with N.W.A., never held back from telling the story of their every day West Coast livin.' For Eazy-E, that included the streets, sex, and more sex. One of his most infamous tracks was "Gimme That Nut," where he tells us of the one and only thing that's on his mind.

DIRTIEST LYRIC: "Now my dick all hard/ And you know what I'm thinking'/ Took the panties off and the pussy was stankin'/ Pulled off the drawers and I started to begin/ I want you to taste it/ Open wide now don't you waste it/ Ahh shit all over your face kid/ Spread them legs open far and wide/ Fuck this shit just let me put my dick inside" - "Gimme That Nut"


The Queen B is infamous for the notoriously nasty words that roll off the tip of her tongue. There's never been a doubt that Lil Kim is a girl that likes to be pleased and shamelessly raps of how, where, and when she likes it.

DIRTIEST LYRIC: "I used to be scared of the dick/ Now I throw lips to the shit/ Handle it like a real bitch Heather Hunter, Janet Jack-me/ Take it in the butt ... Don'tcha like the way I roll/ And play wit' my bushy/ Tell me what's on your mind when your tongue's in the pussy" - "Big Momma Thang"


The Queens rapper, best known for his single "Put It In Your Mouth," had a career that lived up to his raunchy radio hit. Take the fact that his debut album was hilariously titled "Vagina Diner," for instance. Or choice cuts like "Pussy Makes The World Go Round" and "Fuck Me For Free." Or the fact that the MC's personal exploits -- he opened a strip club in Las Vegas earlier this year -- are fairly filthy. Without sex, we're not sure if Akinyele exists.

DIRTIEST LYRIC: 'I'm givin bitches permanent beards/Put your lips here and catch these damn facial hair" - "Put It In Your Mouth"


Some MCs simply get filthier with time: since beginning his career as an upstart MC on Cash Money, Weezy F. Baby has grown more accustomed to sexual similes as his star has immeasurably risen. Specifically, dude loves talking about the act of cunnilingus, although he's also comfortable going on at length about every single other type of sex act. There are times, like on "How To Love," when Wayne dials it back a bit, but for the most part, Weezy albums and mixtapes (including the recently released "Dedication 4") are simply documents of every raunchy game the rapper likes to play with his girls.

DIRTIEST LYRIC: "Baby, can I be the worm in ya apple butt? Now go back in her, and if you backin' up/I'll suck the front of dat pussy from da back of ya/Now I'm a throw it on her like a black Acura" - "Pussy Monster"


As much as Too $hort has stayed himself over the years, so has his outrageous lyricism. The Oakland rapper has spit filthy rhymes since he stepped into the scene in 1983, such as "Blowjob Betty." Just recently, Too $hort got into a bit of a tiff when he shared "fatherly advice" to young boys on how to get girls on XXL.

DIRTIEST LYRIC: "Blowjob betty givin' real good head/ Bust a left nut, right nut in her jaw/ Sperm on her cheeks is all ya saw/ She could blow more head than a whale blows water" - "Blowjob Betty"


Some artists don't see the warm light of the mainstream due to their offensive lyrics. 2 Live Crew, on the other hand, saw fame (and lawsuits) because of just that. The Miami rap collective delivered nasty club cuts after nasty club cuts, from "Me So Horny" to "Pop That Pussy." French Montana recently reminded us of 2 Live Crew's legacy when he sampled the infamous single on the less x-rated hit "Pop That."

DIRTIEST LYRIC: "Bend over and spread em, girl/ Show me those pussy pearls/ Rub that ass and play with that clit/ You know I like that freaky shit/ I like the way you lick the champagne glass/ It makes me wanna stick my dick in your ass/ How hard? Hard like a rock/ When you make that pussy pop" - "Pop That Pussy"