The 10 Most GIF-Worthy Moments: Billboard Music Awards 2013

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performs at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Still shots are nice, but the 2013 Billboard Music Awards was all about motion. Everyone from host Tracy Morgan to performers like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars showed their stuff on stage--shimmering, shaking and singing. So what better way to recap some of the best times from the show than through moving pictures? Here they come, snagged from our Tumblr page.

Check out 10 moments that highlighted the evening via GIFs.

  1. 11

    Tracy Morgan Reps for Michael Jackson

    t's host was the jokster he was enlisted to be. But he also took a moment to shout out one of music's greatest icons: Michael Jackson. Morgan is such a fan of the late King of Pop that he had a replica rhinestone jacket made in his honor. It's the type M.J. wore on stage during his heydays, sparkling beyond belief. 
  2. 10

    The Band Perry's "Better Did Two" Performance

    essee group ran through their 2012 single "Better Dig Two" from their recently released sophomore album "Pioneer." The crowd felt the performance and much as their drum sticks did. It hit hard.
  3. 9

    Jennifer Lopez Gets the Crowd Jumping with "Live It Up"

    ve an energetic show an added bounce when she hopped on stage with rapper Pitbull for her new single. Obviously, she got the people jumping. 
  4. 8

    Tracy Morgan and PSY's Dance Battle

    ap sensation was minding his business, gearing up to introduce Chris Brown to the stage when a yellow-suited Tracy Morgan stepped to his side and challenged him to a dance battle. Not one to back down, PSY was ready for action. What commenced was a hilarios dance-off. It ended in a truce. No one was hurt. But Tracy did appear a bit winded afterwards.   
  5. 7

    Taylor Swift Performing "22" with The Jabbawockeez

    wift's known for her piercing lyrics and poignant songs about young love. But she let loose tonight at the BBMAs, performing her carefree single "22." Adding to the fun, The Jabbawockeez joined Swift on stage. Who knew she could keep up with the elite dance crew and had all those moves? 
  6. 6

    Chris Brown Performing "Fine China"

    own did what he does best at the BBMAs: dance his tail off. Whenever he wasn't singing lyrics to the first single from his forthcoming "X" album, he boogied and busted out moves like this groovy-limbed number.  
  7. 5

    Justin Bieber Showing Strength in the Face of Boo Bullies

    s flexed on the haters tonight. Even though he got booed a bit while accepting his fan-selected Milestone Award, he kept a stiff upper lip during his performance with for the Black Eyed Peas member's solo single "#thatPower." 
  8. 4

    Bruno Mars Opens the Show with "Treasure"

    the ball rolling in style, suited with his boys and lending his rich vocals for his "Unorthodox Jukebox" single "Treasure." 
  9. 3

    Taylor Swift Gives Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber the Yuck Tongue

    d a wonderful night at the BBMAs. She took home some hardware and killed it on stage with her "22" performance. But there was this moment below that clearly grossed her out. Backstage, fellow pop stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were showing each other a little love. Swift took a glance and made the face kids make when vegetables are placed on their dinner plates.
  10. 2

    Miguel's Fan Crash

    hame, really. Miguel's "Adorn" showing was nearly flawless. But towards the end of his time on stage, he crashed--literally. He leapt over a small chunk of the crowd attemtping to clear them, but instead clotheslined a fan in the pit with his right leg. Ouch, right? The girl ended up being okay and Miguel has already charmed his way back into her heart. "Unfortunately we did not meet under the best circumstances," Miguel told Billboard after the performance, standing next to the unlucky fan Khyati. "But I think we're okay." "I Adorn him," she said. Cute.