The 10 Edgiest Haircuts in Music Today

Twitter, Getty Images

Along with shedding those extra layers, spring’s also a great time to chop up and transform your hairstyle. In light of the warmer weather and Justin Bieber’s new fierce shaven cut, we combed through a load of looks and have declared the 10 edgiest hairstyles in music right now.

From two-toned streaks to platinum blonde tresses and braids, check out our list of the 10 sharpest ‘dos. Don’t be shy. Break out the clippers and buzz things down a bit!

  1. 11


    ’s ‘90s grunge-inspired  hair, long everywhere aside from the shaved left side, has become just as infamous as his raucous music.
  2. 10

    Hayley Williams

    ’ hair has taken almost every shade of the rainbow -- fire red to purple, and bleached blonde. Now drenched in a vibrant orange hue, the Paramore singer’s bright hair makes her instantly recognizable.
  3. 9

    Jessie J

    ecently went from one fierce cut to another. Back in March the singer shaved off her razor sharp bang cut to raise awareness, and some cash, for the charity Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. After her bold buzz cut, the singer wasted no time dying the regrowth platinum blonde on her March 27 birthday. "It's my birthday and I'll be blonde if I want to," Jessie said via Twitter.
  4. 8

    Miley Cyrus

    ocked everyone when she bleached and copped off her luscious locks last year. The sharp lines of her new rocker-chic look create a charming contrast with her delicate features and feminine beauty.
  5. 7

    Janelle Monae

    the teasing comb and the hairspray! Janelle Monae may have the tallest hair in the music industry. Her retro-chic 'do highlights her funky androgynous style. Her pompadour has become part of her signature style and continues to defy gravity.
  6. 6


    always rocked edgy coifs. Her signature razored cut has taken on every color from black to blonde to silver to pink. Her current ferocious white-platinum blonde textured hair matches her fearless attitude and aggressive sound.
  7. 5

    Justin Bieber

    ent back to his famous side-swept look this past weekend, but added a new edge. His new undercut hairstyle consists of lighter colored locks and shaven sides. The Biebs follows in the footsteps of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, who also sport fierce side-shaven cuts.
  8. 4

    Sky Ferreira

    eira's platinum blonde tresses have become part her iconic grunge look. Although her recent decision to cut her hair didn't surprise us as much as the way she chose to do it. The California girl chopped off over six inches of her golden locks with a knife. The best part of this chop and dramatic makeover? Terry Richardson was there to document it all.
  9. 3

    A$AP Rocky

    re nothing new to the hip-hop scene. However, on A$AP Rocky they seem fresh and fierce. He never wears them in basic (and played out) straight back cornrow fashion. Instead he goes for thicker braids that hang from the side. The look perfectly accentuates Rocky’s killer, cool and effortless style.
  10. 2


    loves to experiment with her hairstyle. How many styles has she sported? There was her original chestnut brown ‘do, a cinnamon colored curled look, long fire engine red coifs, sexy blonde tresses, a black pixie cut, slicked back ringlets, sever blonde streaks, and we’re still counting. Rih’ is currently rocking a soft caramel colored edgy side shave cut, looking simultaneously both soft and fierce.