Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Rumors Debunked!

Beyoncé, 2013
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Destiny's Child performs at Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, 2013 in New Orleans. 

Billboard clears up the gossip from last night's big performance.

Aside from those guys competing for some trophy last night, Beyoncé was the evening’s main attraction.  As the Super Bowl’s halftime performer, she killed the stage with some of her biggest hits and reunited Destiny’s Child. Major stuff, to say the least.

But as usual, the blogosphere has been raining on her girl-powered parade with a couple of Bey’ rumors and slights (for one particular group mate). Billboard knows the facts. Time to quite the gossip.

  1. 1

    Beyoncé Displayed the Illuminati Sign

    During her performance, Bey’ raised her hands and formed them together to make a triangular symbol. Twitter instantly lit up with tweets accusing her of displaying the sign for the Illuminati, a secret society for the elite that her and several fellow entertainers have been accused of being members of.

    That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s actually the Roc sign, a gesture and symbol for the Roc-a-Fella Records music label her husband Jay-Z co-founded years ago. Consider that motion by Beyoncé one big hello to her hubby. Then get a life.

  2. 2

    Beyoncé’s the Reason the Power Went Out at the Superdome

    After Beyoncé’s performance wrapped, the players were lathered up and ready for the remaining 30 minutes of the Super Bowl. Then the lights went out in the Superdome. For 30 minutes. Some blamed what was likely a load of power Bey’ used to shoot off fireworks and light up digital displays as the reason the electricity blew. Not the case, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed today.

    "There's no indication at all that this was caused by the halftime show,” Goodell told the Associated Press. “Absolutely not. I know that's been out there that this halftime show had something to do with it. That is not the case."

    Doug Thornton, a vice president of SMG, the company that manages the Superdome, explained that Beyoncé used her own generator for her performance. "It was not on our power grid at all," Thornton said. In fact, the power consumption in the dome exponentially decreased because the lights went down when she turned hers on.

  3. 3

    Michelle Williams Ruined the Show

    There’s no arguing who the top chick in the Destiny’s Child clique is (Bey’, clearly). Next is Kelly Rowland, who’s had her fair share of hit singles as an R&B solo artist. All that’s left in the trio is Michelle Williams. Though she’s definitely not a slouch, with a starring role on Broadway as an actress in “Chicago,” Williams often gets a lot of flack for her skills (or lack thereof) as a musician.

    Such was the case last night, when members of the social network peanut gallery piled on Williams for not being able to keep up with the rest of DC. Even R&B singer Keyshia Cole got in on the mean-spirited action.

    Sure, Michelle may have been a step slow, but she wasn’t awful by any stretch of the imagination. She didn’t miss a note vocally or trip over herself, which is more than some others who’ve hit the stage in the past can say. She was alright and standing next to Queen B, that’s an achievement in itself.


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