Britney Spears in Back in the Studio: Remember Her Six Best Breakup Jams

Britney Spears performs during her Britney: Piece Of Me Show at Planet Hollywood
Denise Truscello

Britney Spears performs during her Britney: Piece Of Me Show at Planet Hollywood Casino Resort on August 15, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

It's 'Breakup Britney,' bitch.

Fresh off a breakup with a no-good, cheating boyfriend, Britney Spears Instagrammed a cute shot over the weekend of herself in the studio, alongside the caption, "Studio today! Yay!” This is a thrilling update from the world of Britney. She's currently still performing her hit show in Vegas, but fans haven't gotten new music since 2013's disappointing project Britney Jean, and many of us need some new tracks to mix into our "Britney Workout' playlist. 

Britney Spears Addresses Boyfriend Split On Stage at Las Vegas Show

While Britney will always be beloved for her syrup-y voice, which provided a large portion of a soundtrack to the dance parties of our teens (and twenties, and thirties), it's a bit of a forgotten fact that some of her best music is the occasional breakup track, a sub-genre that was particularly on display in her earlier work. Her hitting up the studio immediately after a traumatic boyfriend breakup may be painful for her, but it's only a win for fans of her music.

Don't believe me? Reminisce below with six of her best breakup jams, and cross your fingers for more where this came from on her upcoming ninth studio album. 

1.) "Stronger"
The powerful, I'm-done-with-your-B.S. single off Oops, I Did It Again is the gold standard in the Britney cannon, and her team should be playing it on a loop in the studio as they consider what's next.