Little Big Town on 'Girl Crush' Being a No. 1 Hit: 'We Were Betting On It'

Little Big Town took a huge leap of faith with their single “Girl Crush” but it paid off. It paid off really well. “Girl Crush” reached No. 1 on Hot Country Songs, steadying itself for a long haul of 13 weeks on the chart. 

“You never know,” Jimi Westbrook told Billboard. “There’s no way to predict whether something will or will not be a huge success, but we were betting on it.” 

Meanwhile, the yearnful country ballad is also up for three Grammy nominations (and their album Pain Killer is nominated for best country album).

Little Big Town on Their Misunderstood No. 1 Hit 'Girl Crush': 'We Were Willing to Take the Chance On It'

“I don’t think we could have predicted the road it would take and how it became such a phenomenon but we hoped that somehow it would get there,” adds Kimberley Schlapman.

Watch Little Big Town and the songwriters behind their hit talk about its evolution in the video above.

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