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Selena Gomez: Before 'Good For You' Went No. 1, 'I Wasn't Viewed as an Artist'

Selena Gomez
Ramona Rosales

Selena Gomez photographed on Nov. 6, 2015 at Harlowe Bar in West Hollywood.

2 Weeks On Mainstream Top 40 And 1 Week On Hot Digital Songs

1 Week On The Billboard 200

With its bedroom vocals and A$AP Rocky cameo, “Good for You” announced the arrival of Selena Gomez, grown-ass woman. How that song, co-written with rising studio stars Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, wound up topping the charts (and launching a No. 1 album, Revival) is a testament to the 23-year-old artist taking the reins of her career.

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GOMEZ It was the third song I heard while Interscope and I were getting to know each other. The demo was just a skeleton, but Justin and Julia bring this sexiness to everything they touch. She has a great way of seeing relationships. I know I wasn’t necessarily viewed as an artist, so this No. 1 is a validation.


SARA NEWKIRK SIMON, partner/co-head, WME music division: It was so great to witness this metamorphosis, knowing she was unapologetically feeling herself.

GOMEZ I had put so much pressure on myself, figuring out what my album was going to be, that I was exhausted when I went in to record. That’s why you can hear cracks in my voice, but the song took on this emotion I didn’t realize I could tap into.

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ALEEN KESHISHIAN, co-manager: We weren’t ever thinking this would be a No. 1 song.

JOHN JANICK, CEO, Interscope: When we got the record, it was like, “This is amazing, but is it right for a single?” I mean, even the idea of Selena and Rocky doing a song together: I’m sure it looked odd when it went out, but now it feels meant to be.

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This story originally appeared in the Dec. 19 issue of Billboard.