New Year's 2015: Our Musical Resolutions

Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Beyonce performs onstage during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 24, 2014 in Inglewood, California.

Forget cutting out sweets and watching less TV -- let's get to the important stuff: What are your musical resolutions of 2015?

2014: The Year in Music

To get you started, the editorial team shared theirs below:

"I plan to step up my karaoke game in 2015. Instead of belting out only '90s alt-rock jams, I'm going to branch out and explore more current tunes. Goodbye, Bush and Gin Blossoms -- hello, T-Swift and 5SOS!" -- Reg Gonzales, Director of Artist Relations

"In 2015, I promise (well, I'll try real hard) to listen to EDM and not say out loud, 'It was all so much better in my day.'" -- Lars Brandle, Contributing Editor

"I will stop playing 'Flawless (Remix)' and '7/11' loudly to annoy my neighbors in retaliation for their very loud children, who like to have meltdowns in front of my apartment every morning." -- Denise Warner, Editor

"I vow to give songs a chance when they first become popular and not three months later." -- Tracy Allison, Photo Editor

"I promise to stop hiding my country-music fandom. Expect a lot of Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert unabashedly blasting from my car windows." -- Katie Atkinson, Senior Editor

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"In 2015, I resolve to actually listen to a full Swans album more than once. They're really good! They're also the Lord of the Rings movies of contemporary albums..." -- Jason Lipshutz, Associate Editor

"I vow to investigate newer artists when I first hear about them rather than waiting until they're already bubbling up on the charts." -- Serena Kappes, News and Features Director

"In 2015, I'll try not to think so hard about how as One Direction continues to make music that sounds more and more like Fleetwood Mac, Harry Styles continues to adopt Stevie Nicks' fashion choices and look swoon-worthy in the process." -- Jocelyn Vena, contributing writer

"I vow to listen to Rolling Stone's full 500 Greatest Albums of All Time by year's end." -- Joe Lynch, Senior Writer

"I was a lost cause in 2014. It felt like I couldn't go a day without repeating lines from Beyonce back to my friends ('I woke up like this,' 'I been drinkin,'' etc.). I promise not to do that anymore in 2015 -- but all bets are off if she surprise-releases another album later this year." -- Erin Strecker, Correspondent

"In 2015, I vow to watch every music documentary I have saved in my Netflix queue." -- Leslie Richin, Social Media Editor

"I make it a point to make no resolutions." -- Trish Halpin, Senior Photo Editor