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Tituss Burgess, Tierra Whack, Zane Lowe, & Anderson .Paak Share Advice for Overcoming Failure: Watch

Backstage at Billboard’s Women In Music event, Tituss Burgess, Tierra Whack, Zane Lowe, and Anderson .Paak were asked to reflect upon a time when they have failed, and how they got themselves past those difficult moments.

Tituss Burgess, who performed a tribute to the Icon Award recipient Cyndi Lauper during the event, tells Billboard that he does not give up easily, and as Lauper has taught us, “let your true colors shine through.”

“I think failure in and of itself is a terrible word because it just offers a suggestion of stopping,” he adds, “And that’s not what we should do. It’s not what Cyndi did, and now she’s an icon! So keep going.”

Tierra Whack, meanwhile, reveals that she has failed many times, including when she was on stage presenting Janelle Monáe with the Trailblazer Award that evening. “I failed tonight, actually, on stage,” she confesses. “Took a random pause, I don’t know what happened, I just went blank, but I just kept going…I didn’t just beat myself up, I just took a deep breath and I kept going.”

Zane Lowe says that he has failed on numerous occasions, as well, and jokes that he probably will again tomorrow. “Any time you try to apply yourself to anything, you want to try and achieve something…then you set yourself up for failure,” he states. “It’s really about the learning. It’s really just about what you take from it.”

“I’m a dad, I’ve got two kids, 10 and 12, and my wife and I, we really try to instill in them this idea of it’s fine to try, it’s not OK to stop,” he continues. “And I think they’re getting it and we try to lead by example.”

Anderson .Paak recalls a time he was excitedly dancing on a table and fell off, but instead of getting embarrassed, he took away a valuable lesson. “Everybody falls down, it’s all good,” he says. “You can sometimes turn a failure into a success if you know how to spin it right.”

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