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Watch Aretha Franklin Sing 'Happy Birthday' to Taylor Swift at 2014 Women In Music

 Diane Bondareff/Invision Exclusively for Billboard

Taylor Swift is presented with a birthday cake at the 2014 Billboard Women in Music Awards on Friday, Dec. 12.

After a candid sit-down conversation with 2014 Women in Music honorees Taylor Swift, Jessie J, Charli XCX, Hayley Williams, Ariana Grande and Idina Menzel, Aretha Franklin -- recipient of the Icon of the Year honor -- stunned Swift with a surprise rendition of "Happy Birthday."

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Yes, with just hours to go before Swift turned 25, she has "Happy Birthday" sung to her by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Watch her rendition below:



Selling well over a million copies of 1989 in its debut week? That's definitely a high point for Taylor's 2014, but getting "Happy Birthday" sung to you by Aretha Freakin' Franklin is basically the greatest thing ever.

Earlier that afternoon, during Swift's acceptance speech for the Woman of the Year honor, Swift made the audience suffer through an intentionally terrible joke.



"I turn 25 at midnight tonight," Swift said. "And I fully intend on partying like it's 1989." After being met with polite chuckles and groans, Swift admitted, "I knew it would be a bad joke when I wrote it, but I did it anyway."