Halsey Wanted Her Music to 'Create A Collective': Watch

On the VMA red carpet Sunday night, Halsey was celebrating a big moment: the release of her debut album, Badlands, this past week.

"I'm just happy everyone has the album," Halsey told Billboard. "I've been sitting on my hands for six months trying not to leak it myself."


"I think it kind of surprised me, at first, to see people so heavily invested in [my music]," she shared about her passionate fans. "But at the end of the day every decision I make about my music is about creating a collective. The social media world is so new; when I was 14, 15 if I liked a band I put their sticker on my binder... The modern day equivalent of that is [social media]. Knowing that they come home from school and drop their backpack and run upstairs and get on their computer to talk about me at night is the most mind-blowing thing."

Check out Halsey's video for "Ghost" below:

--Reporting by Keith Caulfield

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