Jimmy Kimmel Makes Up Fake Bands, Asks SXSW Hipsters About Them: Watch

We all know that guy or girl, the one who always knows -- or purports to know -- every band or musician you mention, no matter how obscure the artist. Jimmy Kimmel's penchant for exposing many of those folks as frauds took him to Coachella last year, where he and his crew made up fake musical acts and asked unsuspecting hipsters if they had heard of the fakes, and whether or not they were excited to see them perform.

Now, Kimmel has taken it one step further, arriving at the mecca of music big- and small-time, South By Southwest, this week to prey once more on festivalgoers who simply can't admit they're not in the know.

Kimmel and co. premiered the new video clip on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," having sent a roving reporter to various locales to interview different people on their knowledge of, say, DJ Costco in a new edition of the show's Lie Witness News. Kimmel's show is currently being taped at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Along the way in the five-minute clip, attendees are schooled on their hipness to Contact Dermititis (the interview asks an interviewee if he thinks they'll "spread like a rash across the U.S.," the man responding with an enthusiastic, "Hopefully!"), country rap crossover hit Willie Nelson Mandela ("I've heard it, but I'm not really into it," one man said, taking the safest road possible) and Tonya and the Hardings, who are apparently "hard-hitting" and have an album titled "Sorry About That, Nancy."

Other fake acts include DJ Cornmeal, I'm Not Done With This Salad and Vegan Bikini.

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