Alabama Shakes' 'Austin City Limits' Taping: 8 Things Learned

Alabama Shakes jams at their taping of Austin City Limits.

1. Last night's Alabama Shakes taping was the third of Austin City Limits' 38th season, the first two being the Civil Wars and Radiohead. The Shins will tape a show on March 17. During the year, they will tape 18 to 20 shows to create 13 episodes for PBS.

2. They performed all 12 songs on their album, which ATO will release April 10, plus a song titled "Makes Me Itch."

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3. The night before, Jay-Z had nearly 3,000 people in the venue and his load out took until 7 a.m. The Alabama Shakes, playing in the venue's 800-capacity set-up, loaded in at 10 a.m.

4.The Alabama Shakes were booked three weeks before the appearance. Some bands are booked as early as six months out.

5. Director Gary Menotti goes old school and plots out every shot of the show during rehearsals and abides by his own script during the shoot. Each show is shot with between six and eight cameras.

6. The stage is modeled after the original venue's stage, two feet off the ground. For concerts that are not "ACL" showcases, a wider stage that is four feet high is used. No seat is more than 75 feet from the stage

7. 20,000 requests were submitted online within minutes for the 1,000 tickets available for Radiohead. On the day of the show, producer Terry Lickona let in about 150 fans without tickets who had waited outside all day.

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8. "ACL" has two people tweeting before and during the tapings, providing details on rehearsal, backstage and control room activity and the set list.