SXSW Twitter Diary: Surfer Blood, Wallpaper & More (Part Two)

Kyle Dean Reinford
Surfer Blood performs at the Warner Sound showcase at SXSW

As the end of SXSW 2013 nears, the bands involved in the Twitter Music/Billboard SXSW Twitter list of up and coming performers have now chosen music over sleep for a number of nights. The acts on the list are tweeting about their time at SXSW and giving an inside, band's-eye-view at what it’s really like. This second peek into the groups' experience, via Twitter, finds then meeting up, getting towed, losing (and finding) power, and even paying tribute to a departed friend.

Twitter Music/Billboard SXSW Band List

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Many of the bands on the list continued to take time out to catch other acts and tweet about the experience.

With thousands of musicians packed into the same handful of streets in Austin, convergence is always part of SXSW's magic. Some bands went beyond just checking out each other's sets. Delta Rae and Soft Reeds met up for brunch after being introduced via Twitter.

Parking woes were plentiful. Gold Fields’ van was towed during SXSW, creating frustration for all; their gear was in the van.

Also, in case you’re wondering how bands deal with power issues at SXSW, wonder no more.

Sadly, real life doesn’t stop while the music world visits SXSW. One of the bands, something that they found out during this SXSW struck a very somber note.