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SXSW Twitter Diary: Gold Fields, Blondfire & More (Part One)

Kyle Dean Reinford
Blondfire performs at the Warner Sound showcase at SXSW.

Hundreds of musicians are in the music portion of this year's South By Southwest --days filled with interviews, BBQ, showcases, and more interviews. Many are veterans, but plenty are are experiencing the often overwhelming extravaganza for the first time. Billboard has partnered with Twitter Music (@TwitterMusic) this year to create a special Twitter list of up-and-coming artists performing at SXSW this year who are tweeting their experience and giving and inside, band's-eye-view at what it’s really like. As you’ll shortly see, one thing is is for sure, it’s certainly sleep-deprived.

Check Out the Twitter Music/Billboard SXSW Band List

Here's the first installment of SXSW-diary tweets from artists on the list as they arrived in Austin, Texas:

Delta Rae was one of the first bands to arrive, and they quickly shared a Vine of their first impression of Austin. They were recently included on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, and spent their first afternoon at the private Forbes house.

Gold Fields, from Australia, tweeted a practical question about tipping etiquette, which is something that varies in each country.  Somehow we don’t think this was included in the official SXSW guide…

As many know, the schedule at SXSW can be insane for fans and bands alike – many acts play upwards of 5 gigs over the course of the week.

Several of these bands have already played a show or two, but there will probably only be a few that can say they played inside a vending machine…


Some bands took time out, somehow, to check out the competition.

One trend with some of the bands here is that they’re using Vine almost as often as they’re Tweeting. Soft Reeds’ (@softreeds – Vine’s are particularly interesting, and here are some of the best we’ve seen so far from them.

Keep an eye on the full SXSW Twitter/Billboard list of up-and-coming bands and stay tuned to through March 18, for more tweet-diary round-ups from these artists.