Why Glen Campbell's Wife Is Hoping for Oscar Win: 'If He Could Just Hold It'

Lisa Lake/Getty Images
Glen Campbell performs at the Sands Event Center on October 26, 2012 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

Glen Campbell's wife Kim spoke with ABC News about the singer's health in advance of this weekend's Oscars ceremony, where Campbell's "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" is competing in the best original song category. The track appeared in the documentary Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me, which captured the artist's struggle with Alzheimer's disease.

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The song is a declaration of love, but also an acknowledgement that Campbell is losing his memory -- it opens with the line, "I'm still here, but yet I'm gone." Kim told ABC, "It's just so wonderful to have Glen acknowledged like this... this song is him pouring his soul out about what he's going through. It's a song that speaks to me. In my mind, it's like him saying, 'Don't worry about me.' It's sad, but it's also comforting."

Kim said her husband has "lost most of his ability to communicate, but he can say short phrases like, 'I love you.' He likes to strum on the guitar a bit, and he still prays… He's got a heart of gratitude and a positive attitude. ... He's cheerful and content."

Tim McGraw Headed to the Oscars for Glen Campbell Tribute

At Sunday's Oscars, Tim McGraw will play "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" as a tribute to Campbell. Kim's not sure her husband registered his nomination -- "I think maybe if I put one in his hands [he would understand]. If he could just hold it. I hope it happens."

"I'm Not Gonna Miss You" won a Grammy earlier this month for best country song.