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Enrique Iglesias Announces Tour With Pitbull, J Balvin at Billboard Latin Music Conference

Enrique Iglesias at the Billboard 2014 Latin Music Conference
Michael Seto

Enrique Iglesias on stage for a panal discussion at the Billboard 2014 Latin Music Conference and Awards in Miami on April 23, 2014.

“Senor DJ, ya muchas gracias,” shouted a jovial Enrique Iglesias at the Billboard Latin Music Conference’s Superstar Q&A. His remark drew a roar of approval from the hundreds attending the Spanglish Q&A session with Billboard’s Executive Director of Latin Content & Programming Leila Cobo. But what really took the crowds' breath away was news that he would be touring in the fall with Pitbull and Columbian singer J Balvin. Exact details of the tour, however, were not given.

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A funny, relaxed and forthcoming Iglesias delighted the predominately-female crowd during the 30-minute sit down with insight into his shying away from fame, even though he knew at an early age he wanted to somehow follow in the footsteps of his famous father, Julio Iglesias, to his solid, yet quirky, relationship with Cuban songwriter Desemer Bueno, who co-wrote “Bailiando”, the star’s most recent hit with Gente de Zona, despite spending “eight years in the can”, according to Iglesias.

Iglesias, it turns out, isn’t fond of having to listen to a recollection of some of his No.1 hit singles, from 1999’s “Bailamos” to 2013’s “Bailando”, especially when he has no other option than to sit in front of music executives, aspiring artists and loads of female fans while a resident DJ plays them one right after the other.

“I’ve noticed when you try to write a hit --at least in my case--you won’t write a hit,” said Iglesias, who together with Bueno, who he met in 1996, have collaborated on over 20 songs. “You have to trust your instincts. I try to write a song to satisfy myself.”

Iglesias, who admits he never set out to be a famous singer, but rather a songwriter, was literally surrounded by a mob of flashing cameras at the conclusion of the session, and had words of wisdom before he departed. “The important thing is we want people to have fun, a good time” said Iglesias. “That if you have problems to forget them – for a while- because of us. That’s what we’re going to try to do.”