Latin Awards

David Bisbal Talks New Music, Billboard Latin Music Awards Concert

Spanish pop star David Bisbal is celebrating a new album, a global tour and a fan base that keeps growing. Despite having more than 6 million twitter followers, and counting, the singer takes nothing for granted.

On a recent morning, Bisbal spoke to Billboard about launching his new world tour in Argentina, the album "Tú y Yo" and being part of the 25th anniversary concert of the Billboard Latin Music Awards in which he will co-headline with Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi.

Billboard: Tell us about your new album.
Bisbal: It's been a project that I've enjoyed a lot. After having an acoustic phase, I'm back to pop. Working with [producer] Sebastian Krys has changed things. We had a good time working on the arrangements. The new project is universal, but still has organic sounds. And we also have electronic instruments like the synthesizer. I'm very happy.

What's it like working with Krys?
I've worked with him previously on songs, but this collaboration was exclusively for this album, 100 percent. His work speaks for itself. We connected and had a good time putting this project together.

You've been promoting the album. What other plans do you have for 2014?
We recorded a special film that will include 4 videos representing songs from the album. We've already been in the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain promoting the new project. We'll keep promoting and later this month we'll be at the Billboard Latin Music Awards for the anniversary concert. I'm very happy to be part of all this and looking forward to performing in Miami.

What plans do you have for the 25th anniversary concert for the Billboard Latin Music Awards with your friend Luis Fonsi, who is also about to release a new album?
We are planning something special. We have been friends for a while now -- we've previously performed together in Puerto Rico, Madrid, and toured as well. We're like brothers and we are really planning something great for our fans at the anniversary concert.

Do you perform better when you're friends with the person you share the stage with?
A friendship can be good. There are some artists that you connect with immediately the way Fonsi and I connected. A friend can definitely add a different element to a showcase and people can see and feel it.

Who are your musical influences?
I used to be part of a cover band and there were so many Latin artists that inspired me personally. It's been interesting. Now, years later, I've had the opportunity to meet some of these stars and I can tell them that I learned music through them. I've been inspired by Juan Luis Guerra, Diego Torres, Maná, Alejandro Sanz, Chayanne, Ricky Martin REIK, so many people.

What about your musical heroes?
I have so many musical heroes from Michael Jackson to Tom Jones. I also enjoy the music of Michael Bublé and Paul McCartney.

The music industry has had its share of challenges these last few years. How do you feel about the industry and where it's going?
Those of us in the music industry are creative people and we're not just sitting with our arms crossed. Regardless of how the industry is doing, music does not die. As artists it's important to keep doing what we do. We have to know how to move forward. There's social media, radio, TV. It's important to utilize everything and keep on working. Even if it's not the best time for music, we've got to fight for it so we can ensure a better future.