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Machine Gun Kelly Gets Emotional Speaking About His Daughter & His Haters at Hot 100 Fest: Watch

Machine Gun Kelly spoke with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs on Sunday (Aug. 19) at the Hot 100 Festival, discussing his friendship with Pete Davidson and playing with Tommy Lee, before getting emotional while talking about his daughter and his haters.

Asked about his friendship with Pete Davidson, who starred in his “LOCO” music video, Machine Gun Kelly says they are “good friends,” revealing that they first met each other “way back” on Wild 'N Out. They then met up again years later while filming the Motley Crue movie that they both appear in. “We were stuck down there [filming] in New Orleans and we were both super stoners, listen to the same music,” he says. “That’s my boy.”

He adds that they have talked about doing a pop-up tour together, while also mentioning that he thinks Davidson and Ariana Grande make a “great couple.”

Speaking of preparing to play Tommy Lee in the Motley Crue film, MGK tells Billboard, “Tommy’s real free. True rockstar. Lived the lifestyle, was a great showman on the drums. Aside from the obvious of taking drum lessons and taking that seriously, I just went and lived the lifestyle that he was living.”

He also notes that he met up with Lee for advice on playing the role, adding, “We’re so similar, it wasn’t too far from home for me.”

Machine Gun Kelly gets emotional when asked how being a father has inspired him as an artist. “I’d say I did a lot of what I did with songs like ‘At My Best’ was because of the influence of my daughter,” he says. “People gotta understand that as wild as I am, I still have to go home at night and there still is someone that is sitting there like, ‘I’m six years old and I can’t handle you being as gnarly as you are.’”

“As a personality, it’s a lot to take in,” he continues, “I wanted to make her proud, and a lot of fans saw that as soft, and it’s like, no, it’s the most beautiful thing you could do. [My music] is my gift as a father to my daughter. Here’s something that you can listen to that still has my pain in it and still is teaching you something that I want you to know. I’m not that great of a speaker, I don’t like watching my own interviews, I think I suck at talking, but one thing I can do is move my pen, and if that’s how I gotta speak to my daughter, then let me do that.”

As he ends the interview, the musician shares a message for both his fans and his haters, telling them, “I’m coming. And message to my enemies, I’m coming.”

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