Daya Talks New Music, Her Relationship & More at Hot 100 Fest: Watch

Daya spoke with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs on Sunday (Aug. 19) at the Hot 100 Festival, chatting about the importance of her song “Safe,” new music and more.

Speaking of “Safe,” which was written following the shooting in Las Vegas, Daya says, “I write from feelings first, so I feel things and then I try to translate that into lyrics or songs but for this, it was kind of inevitable for me to write about it at some point, as I feel like a lot of people have been recently talking about it.”

“It really just made me reflect on the times in my life where I felt like the illusion of safety,” she continues, “Especially when I was younger, and I feel like everyone feels that at some point in their lives.”

In the clip, Daya is asked about new music, and she reveals that she’s developed a lot as an artist over the last year since signing to Interscope. “I feel like they’ve been the ones pushing me to develop my own voice and my own style,” she tells Billboard, “And I feel like that’s super important, especially with a major label that they’re letting me do that. So this past year, I’ve been exploring and seeing what works for me, but I’ve really found parts of me that I didn’t even know were there over the past year, so I’m excited to share that with everyone.”

The singer also reveals that her new relationship is inspiring her music heavily, and that she actually started over on her album process because of it. “Once you experience something in real life, something as big as a relationship, you’re like, well, this changes everything that I feel about everything,” she says, “So then you start from square one.”

You can hear much more from Daya in the interview above.