Billboard Hot 100 Fest: 5 Funniest Things We Saw and Heard on Day 1

Day one of the Billboard Hot 100 fest (Saturday, Aug. 19) ended with a rousing set from headliner Big Sean who pumped up the crowd with his dance-friendly hits. Toward the end of the set, the hip-hop artist took time to address the current cultural and political turmoil unfolding, but the heavier moment largely contrasted from the more light-hearted, and at times hilarious, moments that happened earlier in the day.

Here are five of the funniest (and downright adorable) things we saw and heard on day one.

-- While walking around in the artist village, a young fan ran up to Phoebe Ryan, eyes wide with excitement. The two hugged and as the girl walked away she exclaimed in awe, "I can't believe I just met Phoebe Ryan."

- "I would come down there but these are Balenciagas," Blackbear told the crowd during his afternoon set. "If I get a grass stain on them, I'm gonna have to get new ones, and this was the last pair in my size."

-- When Gucci walked on stage (nearly 20 minutes after his scheduled start time), the hip-hop star was casually rocking a Gucci messenger bag (that looked fully packed), that he then kept on throughout the duration of his set. Part of his aesthetic? Maybe. Practical? Absolutely.

-- Meanwhile, during the end of Gucci Mane's set Phoebe Ryan and Bea Miller were seen dancing together to his hits in the artist village.

-- Pop-rock veterans We The Kings really emphasized its biggest hit, "Check Yes Juliet," throughout its set. The group made sure to fit the hit in not once, but twice (the second time stopping halfway through a cover of "The Middle," since time was running out) to bookend its set. 

Billboard Hot 100 Fest 2017