Hot 100 Festival

Zedd on Being 'Billboard' Cover Star: 'I Didn't Think That Would Ever Happen'

After hitting the stage at this year's Billboard Hot 100 Fest (and before heading on a flight to perform in Las Vegas), Zedd stopped by backstage to talk about his latest single, "Get Low" with Liam Payne, and being Billboard's current cover star.

"It's crazy! It's amazing," the DJ says. "I didn't think that would ever happen. There are things in life that you dream of and don't think will ever happen and that's definitely one of them."

Zedd also went into even more detail about the making of "Get Low" and how he and Liam ended up on the streets of London playing it to some very lucky bystanders.

"We went to a really busy street ... and it got awkward, which we wanted," he shares, laughing.