Watch Demi Lovato's 10 Best Music Videos: Critic's Picks

When it comes to music videos, Demi Lovato doesn't disappoint. Whether she's splashing around a hot tub, impersonating a cutthroat secret agent or belting her heart out in a desert, the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer commands the camera.

This summer alone, Demi has kept our YouTube feeds stacked with vibrant visuals for "Sorry Not Sorry," "No Promises" and "Instruction." But the 24-year-old pop star's history of stellar music videos stems back to her teenage years, and if you don't believe us, the proof is below.

Read on as we run down Lovato's top 10 music videos over the years, ahead of her performance at Billboard's Hot 100 Festival in Long Island, N.Y.,  Aug. 19 and 20.

10. "Made In the USA"

Demi pulls out all the American symbols possible for this patriotic music video, from fireworks to carnival games, countryside views and Levi's. Somehow, none of this comes across as cheesy or over-done. It's not the first of Lovato's videos to take place at a carnival --- in the singer's 2009 video for "Don't Forget," she famously sings her heart out in the pouring rain in front of a carousel. This time, Demi takes the sidelines, narrating the dramatic love story of a young man who parts ways with his girlfriend to serve in the military. At 151 million views and going strong, "Made In the USA" is a crowd favorite.

9. "Neon Lights"

The electronica-tinged "Neon Lights" takes a cue from rave culture with glow sticks, frenetic dancing, spandex and -- not surprisingly -- heaps upon heaps of neon. Taking on the dance world was a risky bet for the pop star, but the vibrant, UVA-lit club scene in the music video proves the perfect complement to the track's heart-pumping sound. Don't miss the Flashdance reference around the 3:25 mark.

8. "Heart Attack"

There's no denying that "Heart Attack," off Demi's 2013 Confident, is a hit. And this electric visual more than does the powerful track justice. As the singer belts out fierce lyrics clad in all-leather everything, a separate Demi dressed all in white has an outburst with some black paint. The whole thing is eye-catching, crazy entertaining and deliciously dramatic. Go Demi, go.

7. "Really Don't Care"

Lovato shows love for her LGBT fans in the visual for her empowerment anthem "Really Don't Care," filmed at the L.A. Pride parade in June 2014. The track's motivating lyrics are the perfect match for the rainbow crowd of parade-goers, resulting in a video that's as fun and carefree as it is inspiring. Throughout, dancers of all sexual orientations show off their moves in a bright-pink room, all belting the same simple yet powerful line "I really don't care."

6. "Skyscraper"

We couldn't finish the list without throwing it back to this gem from 2011, the emotional chart-topper (not to mention tear-jerker) "Skyscraper." Shot in the Bonneville Salt Flats desert and littered with symbolism, the intimate, bare visual gives full focus to Demi's powerful vocal range and the personal story of struggle in her lyrics. There's no gimmicks or dramatic visual trickery here -- just Lovato, her powerhouse vocals and miles upon miles of sand.

5. "Confident"

Lovato seems to take inspiration from Britney Spears' iconic 2003 "Toxic" video in this action-packed visual, where Lovato plays a feisty secret agent. Her nemesis? Michelle Rodriguez of Lost and The Fast and the Furious fame, who makes the perfect guest-star for the video. Expect heavy artillery, motorcycle speeding and an epic girl fight.

4. "Instruction"

The latest music video to join Lovato's growing repertoire, Jax Jones' samba-infused summer jam "Instruction" is one of our favorites. Heavy Brazilian vibes color the visual, which features pinatas, feathered costumes and a spicy dance routine filmed in a Los Angeles parking lot. If the song doesn't put listeners in the mood to dance, this colorful music video surely will.

3. "No Promises"

Admittedly, some viewers were not happy to find Demi with dreadlocks in her video for Cheat Codes collab "No Promises," a new hairdo that many interpreted as cultural appropriation. But controversy aside, the Mad Max‚Äč-esque video manages to make a post-apocalyptic universe somewhere we'd actually want to live, featuring dusk desert scenes, neon strobe lights and some mesmerizing supernatural imagery. We're not surprised to find that it was directed by Hannah Lux, who also worked with Demi for the next video on our list...

2. "Cool For the Summer"

Narrowing Lovato's video catalog is a tough task, but there's no doubt that "Cool For the Summer" is among the best. Here, we follow the star through a seemingly endless summer night of partying, where Lovato and friends dance in a bouncy house, zoom down a city highway in a slick convertible and strut through a neon-lit alleyway in thigh-high stilettos. It was the perfect visual to ring in summer 2015, and with more than 283-million views and counting, the video is just as infectious today.

1. "Sorry Not Sorry"

Lovato throws one hell of a raging house party in the video for this summer's "Sorry Not Sorry" -- literally. Professionally-shot clips of Demi jamming in bright purple boots on her front lawn and writhing in an enormous foam-filled tub are interspersed with home videos as Lovato and her buddies -- including Wiz Khalifa, Paris Hilton and Jamie Foxx -- splash around in her pool and belt the track's playful lyrics on lawn chairs. Where's our invite?

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