Rachel Platten at Hot 100 Fest 2016: 'I'm So Proud' of 'Fight Song,' Getting 'A Little Bit Darker' on New Music

Rachel Platten at Hot 100 Fest 2016 on Aug. 20, 2016. 

Since its release in early 2015, Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” has had an incredible journey. The singer sat down with Billboard after her Saturday (Aug. 20) set at the Hot 100 Fest to chat about the hit track --  which has been used as an unofficial anthem in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign -- as well as her “roller coaster” past year and a half and what she’s been up to in the studio.

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“I’m just so proud that this song has had so far of a reach, from sports to politics to people recovering from things,” Platten said of “Fight Song,” which was featured in a star-studded a capella video in support of Clinton. “I write music to bring people together and help people emote and feel things, so I’m proud of it.”

Platten, who admitted playing the festival at New York’s Jones Beach was a “pretty crazy” experience for her, is enjoying working on her next musical project. So far, she’s had two weeks of sessions and a week by herself in the studio.

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“I did not know how much fun it was going to be to dive back into writing. I was kind of afraid,” she told Billboard.

As for the direction of her new music, she said: “Right now I’m kind of more reflective and some of the stuff is a little bit darker [than “Fight Song”] … I hope to give them [fans] more sides of me. Although I love being empowering, I’m human.”

Watch the interview below.