Grammys 2015: Here's What Happened at the Parties

Jeff Vespa/Getty Images for Armani
Ricky Martin, Janelle Monae and Josh Groban attend GQ and Giorgio Armani Grammys After Party at Hollywood Athletic Club on Feb. 8, 2015 in Hollywood, California. 

Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter is on the scene as high-profile musicians and top execs celebrate the 2015 Grammy Awards at L.A.'s most exclusive parties.

Sam Smith was the big winner at the 2015 Grammy Awards. But the action didn't stop there. Stay tuned to this page for all the action from the post-Grammy parties. 

Grammys 2015: All Our Coverage

Pandora Radio's Grammy After Party Presented by T-Mobile

Nobody hosts a party like the King of Crunk, and Lil Jon did just that with a lengthy, confetti-filled DJ set at Hollywood's Create night club on Sunday, for Pandora and T-Mobile's post-Grammy celebration. Guests noshed on spicy tuna and crispy rice, along with pork belly and other small bites, while listening to the hip-hop star, who kicked off his set around 9:30 p.m. with DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win," which followed a set by fellow DJ Nick Ferrer. "Are you ready to party, ladies and gentleman? Put your f-----g hands up." Jon shouted to the crowd. "Everybody make some f-----g noise!" -- Dahvi Shira

Grammys 2015: Photos From All the Parties

Warner Music Group Post-Grammy Party

10:28 p.m.: Jenny Lewis on her time at the Grammys: "I danced twice. Once to ELO, of course. Jeff Lynne is my hero. Sir Paul and I were the only ones standing in the entire room. Well, he got up first, and I'm like, 'F--- it, Paul's standing!'" And then watching Beck play, because I'm friends with his whole band. And Katy Perry, she's really great – but I didn't stand. [Laughs]"

10:31 p.m.: What did Ed Sheeran like best about the Grammys? "I liked it all!" the performer shouts to Billboard as he heads into Chateau Marmont.

10:38 p.m.: The L.A. fire marshal, accompanied by dozens of LAPD officers, attempts to clear the Chateau Marmont driveway – and even threatens to clear out the entire star-studded party.

11:15 p.m.: Taye Diggs and girlfriend Amanza Smith Brown hit the dance floor for Clean Bandit's "Rather Be."

11:17 p.m.: Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne follow up breakout hit "Rather Be" with new single "Real Love," with the bandmember beaming from the stage as the crowd dances along and picks up the brand-new lyrics.

11:41 p.m.: When a partygoer approaches Tiesto in the bar line asking him, "Did you win, man?" the EDM superstar and best remixed recording champ shoots back, "Of course I did!" -- Katie Atkinson

Grammys 2015: GQ & Armani

Hollywood Athletic Club

11:04: Upon arriving to the black velvet ropes outside the Hollywood Athletic Club, I ask one of the party reps holding an iPad who is already inside. "The Kardashians," she says, before clarifying, "Well, not Kim. And by Kardashians I mean Khloe, Kendall and Kylie … with Tyga." Not so fast: Another voice chimes in and says the group has already moved on to another Grammy event and that Khloe is party-hopping with on-off-on again beau French Montana.

11:05: DJ Kaskade walks down the carpet and inside the club, flanked by a pair of revelers.

11:06: Armani's Wanda McDaniel walks from one side of the Hollywood Athletic Club to the other on her cell phone, looking focused yet calm.

11:13: Kaskade and Calvin Harris, each holding cocktail glasses, are spotted near (where else?) the DJ booth, but these world-famous music maestros have the night off as its DJ A-Trak behind the turntables. They show their friend some love and pose for a few photos. I poll them for their favorite moments of the night, and Harris is quick to say he loved Rihanna (his onetime collaborator) while Kaskade rants about the "geriatric" show. "Who is it for? A bunch of old people who are trying not to fall asleep?" Kaskade asks. "Where was our music?" The two then proved they know Grammy history by recounting the boycott initiated by the rap and hip-hop community against the Academy when their categories weren't televised. Should they launch a similar campaign? While they seem unsure about such official measures, it's clear they'd like to see more love for their beats on primetime.

11:14: Armie Hammer and his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, walk into the party and stop in front of an eye-catching and artistic GQ logo on the back wall in front of the entrance to pose while being showered with flash bulbs and attention. While being shot from the front, Chambers puts her hand around her husband's left butt cheek and squeezes it twice. A pretty partier takes notice and giggles while alerting her female friend standing next to her.

11:20: Fresh from arriving, I see Chadwick Boseman and say hello. The actor, who received rave reviews for his work as James Brown in Get On Up, explains that he loved tonight's performances by Madonna and Kanye and he also loved watching the big show from the comforts of his own home. "I've been to so many events lately that I wanted to relax before coming out again," he said.

11:27: Manager Paul Nelson chats with Glee star Darren Criss.  

11:34: Judith Hill is spotted with a small entourage holding a glass of champagne in one hand and her cell phone in another. She was part of the Grammy-winning team behind 20 Feet of Stardom, which picked up a trophy for best music film. How did it feel to win? "Amazing," she said, before adding that her Grammy will be sent to her at a later date. As for her highlight of the telecast, Hill admits that she loved Annie Lennox. She seems less sure of what her plans are for the rest of the night, which is nearing midnight. "What else is good tonight?" she asks me.

11:37: A waiter, who looks like he should be featured in a GQ spread, walks by carrying a tray of spicy tuna bites on toasted rice. I ask him what else is on the menu: Cheese and beef sliders, bacon-wrapped dates and tomato flatbread.

11:47:  I notice GQ editor Jim Nelson breeze past me, walking out of the restroom, holding a glass of chardonnay. I introduce myself and ask him about the party, which he explains is GQ's first entry in the dizzying Grammy weekend party schedule. "It's a natural partnership for us," he says, offering that the event is a chance for the publication to toast its recent music issue, which recognized the most influential names in the biz. He called the selection process of picking names who might be Grammy winners "a labor of love." "You hope to hell you're right," he laughs. And they were. The night's biggest winner, Sam Smith, got a prominent spread as did cover boy Pharrell, who seems to be the ultimate GQ star for his impact on style, music and culture. Speaking of impact, are GQ and Armani planting the flag for future bashes on Grammy weekend? "We're testing the waters," Nelson teases.

11:48: A dashing Shaun White holds court with a small group of attractive friends. Another handsome server walks by, pushing a tray of sliders and White politely agrees to pick one up. He holds it for a few seconds before handing it to his date, a striking brunette whose face lights up when presented with the late-night snack.

11:52: Topped off by a baby pink beanie, Wiz Khalifa walks in to the party, where he is ambushed by photographers and iPhone-toting guests, all of whom want to get a pic of the rapper, who is greeted by Nelson once the crush has leveled.

11:54: After chatting with the GQ editor for a few minutes, he walks through the bash toward a back corner where Ricky Martin has been quietly holding court in a VIP section. Martin chats with Roberta Armani and McDaniel while Thuggish Ruggish Bone blasts in the background

11:56:  I say hello to White, who says he's having a great time and introduces me to his slider-eating date. "She's been into the music business for awhile and I'm just getting started," says White, who is in the band Bad Things. He's also fronting the action sports and music event Air + Style later this month in Pasadena.

11:58: Nelson introduces me to actress Elena Satine of Magic City and Revenge fame. "Annie Lennox is a legend," she tells me of her fave moment of the night. "She's still got it -- she brought the house down."

12:03: Jason Derulo catches up with Josh Groban in the doorway to the bash.

12:07: It's after midnight, but Criss isn't worried. "I have a 12 p.m. call tomorrow, so I have a reason to be out late," he laughs, adding that Grammy night delivers the chance to catch up with music industry pals "who are either in town from New York or London, friends I only get to see once a year."

12:16: It's well past my cutoff time, but as I make my way to the door, I stop the best-dressed woman of the night, Janelle Monae. "I'm giving love tonight," she says about her evening plans. "Congratulating my friends who won and just celebrating." Up next on her agenda is Common's exclusive bash.

12:21: I make my way to the door and pass Monae another time, who introduces me to an artist from New York that she has signed to her label. "You should be writing about him!" she tells me.

12:22: For the record: I never saw any Kardashians. -- Chris Gardner