Fan Army Face-Off: Liam Payne vs. Super Junior's E.L.F in Round 4

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Liam Payne & Super Junior

Billboard's annual Fan Army Face-Off is in the high-stakes fourth round to determine who will move on to the semifinals. Super Junior's E.L.F is facing Liam Payne's seasoned fan army for a spot in the coveted position.

Each army has its own strengths, with many of Payne's fans loyal since his One Direction days and standing by him fervently through his solo career. Super Junior's E.L.F is currently in the lead with 247,172 votes -- a mere 54 ahead of Payne's 247,118 -- as a fan army that's been running strong for more than 10 years. 

Vote here to make a difference, and send your fan army into the semifinals. Round 4 ends Wednesday (Aug. 15) at noon ET. 


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