Liam Payne's Fans Battle Adele's #Daydreamers in Fan Army Face-Off

Billboard’s annual Fan Army Face-Off is nearing its end! This week only four battles remain on the bracket, before the semi-finals kick off on Wednesday, August 16.

Last week, Liam Payne’s fans beat out Rihanna’s #RihannaNavy, sending the One Direction singer onto the next round to face off with mega-star Adele and her #Daydreamers. 

As of Friday (Aug. 11), Payno and his loyal fandom have over 55,000 votes on Adele’s #Daydreamers, with his 208,157 total votes over her 152,202. In order to move onto the semi-finals, the #Daydreamers better say “Hello” to the bracket and get their votes in before Wednesday.

Liam Payne fans and Adele’s #Daydreamers can vote here to send their favorite artist onto the semis on Aug. 16.