Fan Army Face-Off 2017: Which Army Is the Strongest?

It's Fan Army Face-Off time!

Each year, Billboard asks the question -- which fan army is strongest? Will the Beliebers win it all or will BTS' Army dominate? T-ara's Queens have reigned supreme for two years. Do they have a shot at the crown for a third-year running?

And since One Direction is on a hiatus, the Directioners aren't eligible to complete, but don't worry -- each of the guys are in their own separate team! You'll notice that some armies don't have names, but that's okay -- we know these artists have devoted bases.

Voting for each round lasts one week. Round 1 begins at noon ET on July 19. Round 2 at 12:01PM ET on July 26. Round 3 at 12:01PM ET on Aug. 2. Round 4 at 12:01PM ET on Aug. 9. Round 5 at 12:01PM ET on Aug. 16. And the championship round at 12:01PM ET on Aug. 23.

Click here to vote for your army!