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Rihanna Fan on Being Part of the RihannaNavy: 'She Knows That She's Not a Role Model'

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Rihanna, a cast member in "Battleships," greets fans at the premiere of the film, Thursday, May 10, 2012, in Los Angeles. 

As part of Billboard's Fan Army Face-Off 2015, we've asked people to write about what being part of the fandom means to them. Read below for an essay from a Rihanna fan, who are called the RihannaNavy. 

The RihannaNavy stands out from other fanbases by her sense of humor, her loyalty and her relationship with Rihanna. She loves to communicate with her fans through social networks, especially Twitter and Instagram (she is the most-liked celebrity on social networks by the way. Queen.)

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One word to describe Rihanna? Honest.

She knows that she's not a role model and she does what she wants, when she wants. She knows how to remain simple while being a Queen and that's why we love her.

Since 2005, Rihanna taught us not to worry about what others think and it's probably what makes the strength of the Navy.

All over the world, from France to Brazil through the Indonesia or South Africa, fans have created friendships. Simply go to a concert or in front of the hotel where Rihanna is staying to see that the Navy is more than a fanbase, almost a family that shares a common interest: Rihanna. 

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Our mission is to support Rihanna's music and projects. Do not underestimate the Navy, we can crash sites and get a song # 1 on iTunes in no time.

Last thing: 'Nobody's fans go hard like RihannaNavy'. 
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