Miguel to Roll Out Second 'Art Dealer Chic' 3-EP Series In July

Miguel will roll out the second volume of his "Art Dealer Chic" 3-EP series in July.

While on the Billboard Music Awards blue carpet on Sunday (May 19), the singer told Billboard that he plans to release the first of three EPs in July, the second in August and the third in September. The three-EP series will be free and available for download online, as like the first "Art Dealer Chic" volume was.

"It'll be under 'Art Dealer Chic.' It'll be the next three installments… It'll be [on] July, August and September," he said.

Different from the first "Art Dealer Chic" volume, the second one will come with attire. "I'm pairing it along with some items I've designed myself," he continued.

He also shared details on how Mariah Carey's single, "#Beautiful," which he penned and duets on, came to be: "The song wasn't fully formed before we worked. The skeleton of the song, a couple of major components -- the hook and the first verse -- were already there. I couldn't finish the song. I think that's why it's almost serendipitous that she chose the song and chose to keep me on it cause it worked perfectly. I have to give it to her, she has a tremendous amount of vision."

Miguel performed his hit, "Adorn," at Sunday's award show. Close to the latter end of his set, the singer miscalculated a long-jump and landed on two fans. One of the fans, Khyati, came backstage with Miguel after the performance and said that despite the accident she "adorn him."

"I got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay," Miguel said.

Reporting by Keith Caulfield.